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Faith Transforms

Faith transform worry and doubt into God moving on our behalves tho many times not as any of us would ever expect.

When trusting God in leadership saying yes to his will,we can expect him to move mightily on our behalves and working things out for our good.

At a moment of panic in a situation or circumstance I can find myself filled with anxiety,not giving it to the Lord right away then the anxiety building until I lay everything at the masters feet then and only then can I find the peace needed to allow God to move as he will.

It’s not always easy for any of us to submit to his will for we’re so used to forging our own life’s often without inquiring what the Lord wanted we fail to see the need to submit to God and his will now, thinking it’s been good so far why bother,creating a higher wall to climb to return to God in the end.

Being able to rest and find strength and peace has been very healing for me as was being able to take responsibility for my mistakes and owning them so that I’m not hindering anyone nor myself in my lifes journey any further.

I’m thankful for being supported by a beautiful young lady who has allowed God to guide her in her life lately growing spiritually in leaps and bounds she’s reminding me of what needs to be done.a special thanks to all prayer warriors please continue to send prayer for wisdom,knowledge and understanding.

Have a blessed day 🥰

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