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Thunder, lightning and no rain

The thunder convulsed as it made it’s boutrous threat of rain yet none came. I have been spending more time sleeping and I could of slept through the thunder,lightening and rain. If only it could wash me clean of all my thoughts,cares,desires and emotions. I try to fight but I have no fight in me I’m completely drained and broken not knowing in what direction I should go. I pray for answers yet none come leaving me desiring guidance HELP ME I can’t do this without you God please hear my cries and answer me as you always have,please don’t turn a deaf ear to my cries. I can live when everyone walks away but if you turn from me I will surely die. Lord look within me,deep within me and see if my love for you is not true. In the pit of despair rescue me Father God for I am in need of your touch, in need of a word from you.

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