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I love you

Donnie R. Smith,
I come to you asking for forgiveness for any and everything I have ever done to you to cause you any hurt or pain. I ask Father God to touch you in those areas healing you making you whole and stronger than ever before.
In the last few years I have lost sight of the man who fell in love with me and I with him,you said from the time our eyes met there on the side of the road. I remember all the wonderful ways you tried showing me you were interested in me. When we pulled into Manitou Springs the road construction in progress instantly brought everything flooding back to me with every sweet memory each holds. I thought I’d let you know you had me at hello. The month or so every night we talked from 7:30 pm to 3:45am then it was time for me to get ready for work. Only God kept me from falling out in the Mississippi heat directing traffic without sleep. How I long for those young love days back or I long of rekindling that love I pray is still there in our hearts. The love that knew even then every time something was happening with me whether it was emotional or spiritual. The spiritual connection was absolutely beautiful,amazing and refreshing. How a stranger spoke you into my life one day as did pastor j.j. Wilson saying one man’s junk is another’s treasure and the scripture I read over myself every morning Isaiah 40:31 with the stranger telling me the man God has for you will respect you for being a stayer for coming out of a 26 year marriage,getting employment after not working outside the home during those years and it be in traffic control for road construction a position for men but little me was going strong by the grace of God. Later when we started talking you mentioned the very words the stranger said the man God had for me would have respect for me becauseof the things he mentioned. I couldn’t believe my ears little did you know at the time Tina and I were going before the Lord with fleece after fleese whether you were my boaz because I didn’t want to move before God,during that time we were shown you were my Boaz. I’m happy Tina got to talk to you and never meeting you described you perfectly to the very clothes you had on at the time. She loved teasing you.
Going back in time stirs all the memories and emotions that come with them. I sigh and smile saying a prayer our love could be as strong or stronger than it ever was and gaining strength.
I apologize for not being the help meet you’ve needed me to be and allowing outside interference to rob my peace and joy bringing back the old Teresa who I myself cannot stand.
I was advised to write you a letter by a pastor friend yesterday as she prayed with me I never thought it would be on the blog.
But no place better than here on the blog you encouraged me to start if that’s what I felt led to do, you even speaking things tho they aren’t as if they were that my blog would be very popular with mannny followers and that I still believe.
I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in my life, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity of such a love that in it,it taught me how to truly love myself something I was unable to ever do.
If I’ve hurt you in anyway shape or form please forgive me,I never meant to do so for you’d be the last I’d intentionally hurt. I do apologize for not listening to you as I was supposed to not trusting your decisions.
In my writing here… In no way do I want you to feel obligated to respond for this is a letter of apology asking for your forgiveness.

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