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A dog is treated better

When your marriage is on it’s last leg and you don’t know what to do because everything you do is wrong. If you listen your wrong, if you speak your wrong then comes the blocked calls and no word for days from them. Yet you’re told when they call you’re to answer their calls. Afraid to answer the question that races through your mind,is my marriage over? I cringe when I hear the words echo in my mind saying yes Teresa the marriage is over because the silent treatment is not a healthy way to communicate. So instead of this being a road trip to build a stronger relationship with my daughter it’s a trip to show me my marriage is over. I have spent more time crying than I have been enjoying the beautiful state of Colorado.

Nine years ive given all I have to give.His mother’s not wanting us together because he is to be taking care of her until she dies then he can marry but he’s not to remarry me why I don’t know. Ive been accused of things I have not done by his mother and his sister’s with one apologizing when realizing she was wrong. His mother was my biggest problem I’m sure she still is ,people like her don’t give up easily.

There hasn’t been pictures of Colorado because this vacation has been one of the most emotionally distressing,depressing I have ever had. I feel lost,abandoned and discard. A ruby with one not knowing it’s worth ready to discard me as a piece of costume jewelry. I’m here feeling as if my life is hanging by a thin thread with no one to care and no one to help. I cry out but no one hears,I plead for help yet no one comes to give aid. I wait but nothing or no one comes. Why ? Where did I go wrong? It must be me or he wouldn’t be so upset with me and abandoning me with being so far away from home. Alone in a place I’ve never been,not knowing what will or could happen and he abandons me, why? Have I been so terrible that this treatment is warranted? A dog doesn’t deserve this treatment. Yet this is mine.

One day this will be part of a mighty testimony of how God will put back together the brokenness of a marriage. In Jesus mighty name. Amen

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  1. I love the optimistic tone with which you summed it all up. I can’t imagine how you must feel but I believe God is at work for you and will calm the raging storm in your marriage. Don’t give up on it and him coz God hasn’t. In times like this, know that you have a father in God who loves and cares about you. You may not see the reality of this at moment but you’ll surely see he come true/through for you. Stay strong.

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