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To : Donnie R. Smith ❤ I Love You

Always remember I’m with you always even when we’re apart. I love you with a love that blazes new trails,watches butterflies dance around the flowers sipping each for the nectar they receive,the bees that scurry from bloom to bloom tasting their sweet delight,the smile of a child  chasing a butterfly to

touch it’s pretty wings,a cozy place cuddled beside you curled up so close someone wouldnt know where you began and I ended as our bodies adjusted the breathing rhythm. Walking hand in hand on a stroll to anywhere as long as I’m with you or being in a room satisfied you’re there too. A love that is grown and mature reaching it’s point of standing as the mighty oak for thousands of years. I love you with the love of loyalty one that has always and always will have you, holding you close or praying for you as you hold shit down. Being there loving you into the depths of time. Myself Never having the adult love only the young love which are only pictures faded into the past.Images that didn’t last yet with you,we having the mature love that comes from building what God wants for our life together. In you I have found the love only once dreamed of but could never reach. Sometimes daring not to wake from this dream for sure it must be one, there I find myself smiling realizing I’m awake living engulfed in your love like a cocoon sheltering me from the world as my love warms you from the inside making you whole and well. Caring for you in all my ways making sure you know the awesome wonderful man you truly are. I am honored to be your friend, your lover,your wife.

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