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Good Afternoon

waking to a new beautiful day is such a blesssing its another day for God to show himself mighty in our life; to show us the beauty of a day with him as we take this time in his prsence giving him honor of our first fruit of praise. In thanksgiving i lift my voice and hands in praise to the God of Israel the Great I Am the author and finisher of my faith. Today im sitting in awe of the greatness of the Lord for allowing us to enter in to his gates of praise welcoming us into the throne room of God where we find all we need in his presence. here i find peace of mind,oneness with my soul as i give the Holy Spirit its way no longer feeling the restraints of lifes issues tugging at me where i can find healing and restoration at the same time. I recommend to the reader to find time for healing and restoration in theirself by getting in the prensece of the Father,shedding the skin of the last season of your life to prepare for your next level and season which is being birthed from the spiritual atmosphere into the atmosphere of the natural where God is bringing it pass as he has spoken it. This season is the harvest of your obedience,your faith and your willingness to say yes to his will. This is the time of increase in your spiritual gifts and talents, increase in your finances and are out of debt,this is the season of continual blessings being given unto your bossom pressed down, shaken together and overflowing as has been promised unto you. Everything your hands touch will prosper and you shall be great among men for you wear Gods favor as a sheild. HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE MUCH LOVE SENT 

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