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Today has been laundry day not much more than that going on,we’re enjoying our days with walks into town or doing this or that we’re thinking of walking in the neighborhood we’re in,it’s very quiet here though this is a busy little street. The incline of the hills is definitely a workout,we’ve toned up or lost weight whichever that isn’t a bad thing either. The beauty surrounds us wherever we look and we’re in awe of what Manitou Springs has to offer. I love Manitou Springs,tho most people are friendly there are those who go about their business as if your not there but that’s everywhere right ? The weather was cooler this morning at 57° with the high of 84° with no rain which is unusual,since being here it’s rained every day and since the trip has begun I have not felt like writing. I wish I could because I have a mind and heart full of wonderful things that have happened between cheryl and I bringing us to closure on everything that has happened where we are now mother/daughter/friends/sisters. I love the transition that has been made in each of us but certainly with each other.

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