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This morning was the first time ive written anything for my blog via computer, its been created and written with my mobile device which there is no better place to be than  here on the computer doing something i never would have imagined id be doing and what i absolutly love doing to boot, writing to you my friends sharing everything in my life. Its a totally different feeling for me to write this way and to be able to see my blog as you do by either the computer or mobile device so be patient with me as i learn to type and everything that learning to type entails,life is a continual series of learning if your not learning something new or doing something new youre not living the abundant life is all i can say and yes thats only my view lol, Setting here feels impowering with, a large walk in glass block shower to my right  with a double dresser sink and private bathroom then to the left i am sided by glass windows and a french glass door opening to the three tier decks and stone retaining walls with flower beds filled with queen annes lace, lillies and what may be dusty miller but dont quote me one  i just figure they are what does best in the area as everyone on the block seem to have the same beautiful flower beds in front or along side their side area of their homes. I  am able to sit at my desk writing my blog looking out at the decks lit by the solar lights which are running down each step on each side to enjoy ones evening  in the yard, the sight is unexplainable …. i know, i know thats unusual for me also. See im getting better already by changing habits ; 0 WHAT yes im putting forth the effort to change. There are many firsts here but the home reminds me of my childhood and so do many features of the home that have been added which i must say are perfectly fitting to the age of the home,they have added more to the charm of the home as if anything needed added, for its pefect as it is. Im overwhelmed with joy being here knowing God has created every moment for us as we walk our path to healing. Good Night everyone, much love sent….. p.s. pictures soon   i promise

purple petaled flowers
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

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