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Hello Everyone,
Happy summer! I hope you’re able to find some moments of relaxation during this season—with family, friends & your spouse.
I’m going to ask you a question: If you are married, can you remember the last time you and your spouse were just happy to be together?
If not . . . maybe you need to bring joy back to your marriage.
Rediscover that joy of the love you once felt for your spouse the one that may be unfamiliar to you now, but you can bridge your “joy gap” in your relationship and bring joy and fresh excitement to their marriage with you put into practice through the exercise of you and your spouse spending just 15 minutes a day together reacquainting yourselves with each as you did when you first met,when you talked getting to know each other. It’s time to do that once more and continue each day for the rest of your life for this is what the vow of marriage is about, loving and continuing to grow in love together; this can only be done by spending quality time together.
This summer, bring joy back to your life—and your relationship.
Warmly yours always, Teresa

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