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A love I had prayed for so specifically word for word being very careful what I asked for,for no evil did I want to taint a love so true. All I asked for was love a love so true.

In the beginning it was more than I could ever ask for,for it was word for word everything I had written and prayed

As we linger in the portals of space and time where there is no real difference in reality and the fictitious imagination of ones mind.

Can you see the truths of your heart or mind or the make believe of it’s twisted tales of neither here or there. Can you rightfully divide the truth from a lie or the lie from the truth or are they really twisted between the two.

One cannot be seen without the other lie or truth, truth or lie for they are entangled and weaved within the fabric of the other so tightly one can not be seen but as the other. Truth or lie what shall it be a lie to me a truth to you. Tell me tell me do what shall the words be truth or lies or lies or truths what shall they be to me and you

If some words are bent here and there yet bent just the same are they not lies bent out of truths then are they lies turned into truths or truths bents into lies. Words twisted and turned bent to have no meaning no meaning they have not all the words mean nothing nothing at all for they’re all lies. Leaving one more confused as from the beginning to end when the end is not but the empty beginning to begin again from the end of meaningless words strung together to be the end.

Love is not confusion and tho lies of confusion are not love. So where do the two begin and where do they two dare to end. What are lies or truths or twisted tainted word or are there any differences in the three.

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