Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

As the rigor mortise hand of the dead grasps around your neck while the stiffened fingers relentlessly chocking you to your death,the heart beats still as you walk in a zombied state

dead but undead is your everlasting fate. You have nothing to offer nothing to give you’re not alive yet you’re not dead. You stumble with weighted feet looking straight through everyone you meet,the smell of deaths stentch is within every breath you breathe you’re here now trying to consume everyone you meet,you’ve taken from us everything you possibly can but you cannot kill us for you are just a man. A man not God for you cannot walk where angels trod. Go back to the pits of hell from whenst tho did come where the dead now summons you home in the everlasting torment you must forever roam among the walking dead.

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