Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

As I sit on the back porch listening to the night bugs serenading me with all of their instruments and songs knowing I must get some rest to travel to Louisiana to get my traveling companion. Though it’s just a few short hours there and back the thought of the laundry to do the packing of the things strewn across the bed. The endless clothes,shoes,boots and everything in between that two women on a roadtrip should need. The jack,impact wrench,4 way lug wrench the tire that takes up too much space,the incidentals like cutting boards,cutlery set,wax burners and was cubes to make the house smell like fruit loops,clothes for all types of weather from Mississippi, Arkansas,Oklahoma, Kansas to Colorado where cheryl and I will be spending 34 wonderful days in a two story 1800’s Victorian home with the master suite opening off a huge deck that cascades down to two more decks. A hammock and setting area that over looks the snow capped mountains of Pike’s Peak. We are perfectly situated two blocks ( within walking distance) from town which means no driving and plenty of exercise with no paying the high prices of parking. The town has shops of all kinds with art exhibits and live music in the park. I want to visit the diner theater and make reservations for tea at the mansion and maybe dinner there to one evening. I’m wanting to interview and review each establishment for the blog including pictures for those who would like to vacation in Colorado springs Colorado or Manitou springs Colorado. Believe me we will certainly keep you up on everything the town has to offer plus many pictures along the way from Mississippi to Oklahoma where we will rest for the next leg of the journey into Manitou springs were we will get a hotel until our rental because available. Yes we are coming prepared for any and all things, wasp spray that sprays 20 feet and needs a antidote from the hospital,pepper spray,a stun gun and a 9 cm with plenty of ammunition along with several knives which work really well in our hands. Daddy did teach this country girl how to survive as I did my daughter. We are wise women with God’s hedge of protection and he will certainly give us the wisdom knowledge and understanding in all we do. We have traveled together on many occasions just not a mother daughter trip which will ne a blast. Donnie said he felt sorry for anyone who messed with us because we will show no mercy. The trip back will be a bit longer as we have family we want plenty of time to visit which in all the trip may be three to four months long depending on circumstances. Like I had once said this is a vacation/ roadtrip that’s once in a life time. Even my family physician said for us to live large and that she wished she was coming with us. I do wish she was coming we would definitely have us a blast. We plan on having a good time but doing nothing illegal or immoral any thing between those two are fair game. We want to exhibit to the town what wonderful people we are and I’m sure the twon wants to make a good impression upon us and my readers. So I will or we will keep you informed along the way. Happy trails to you. Please follow along and enjoy our roadtrip. If you have any suggestions please comment. If you’ve been to Manitou springs and would be interested in telling us some things we can do feel free.

As far as now we’re leaving the 11th but that could change at any time… much love y’all in so looking forward to having conversations with all of you. You’re part of our trip YAYYYY !!!

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