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Ducks & Dog Food

The ducks visiting the back porch for their daily rations of dog food. Though the ducks are fed chicken feed,they also eat grass which grows on the pond and forage for bugs,roots and whatever they may enjoy they also seem to love the taste of dog food. These ducks were purchased at tractor supply which means most of the time one has no idea of what kind of breed of chickens,ducks or geese you are purchasing because the worker’s there have no clue as to what they’re selling. Most of the time the chickens are all kept together as are the ducks and geese kept in one confinedment with little or no sales person knowing the breed which makes for a terrible time of choosing the breed wanted is why I order mine from a hatchery. This year Donnie purchased two different types of ducklings one I presume is a Peking the other I have no clue as I have never seen this breed before yet I must say they are absolutely beautiful. From the information gleaned by Googling I suppose the brown and white ducks are Indian Runners,one of the entire lot is crested I call him cotton top assuming by it’s sound it’s a drake but I’ve been wrong before. I’m hoping it’s a drake and hopefully we will have many of it’s fancy top and color. I would certainly like to know the breeds name but tho it’s not important I’m impressed with their personality. A very docile duck as are the Rouen I purchased from a hatchery a couple years ago tho of the twelve purchased two hens are all I have left. If the two different breeds lay several clutches ( that’s if I have any drakes) what an interesting flock we will have. I finally came across the hen who has gone missing for days at a time laying on her clutch of eight or so rotten eggs. The stentch unbearablily horrible with one exploding as I reached for her;surely she could smell the rottenness of the eggs laying beneath her or has motherhood hit her so severely the desire for having young ones outweighs the stentch from not only her body heat but the heat of 96° and above sometimes reaching over 100° for days at a time. I washed her the best I could without I myself smelling like her and blocked her on the back porch with dog food and clean water where she will stay until nightfall where she will then be cooped with the other’s in hopes she stays with them to regain her strength and forgets about a clutch for a while until it’s determined whether we have a drake or not. I really couldn’t tell you how old the ducks are or how old they need to be before breeding is considered as I wasn’t looking to having more ducks this year. One thing for certain when the time comes for our hens to sit they will certainly be mature enough to sit for the time necessary come what may stentch or no stentch she’s the hen for the job. ❤

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