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A day lost somewhere in time

Ive awakened to find I have slept entirely through the 3rd of July. The last I remember was visiting the Doctor so I could have all of my scripts in order for my vacation,coming home making myself some french fries,taking a nap then being awakened by Donnie when he got home. Raven stopped by while Donnie made manwhiches & fries I ate went to sleep & didn’t wake up till this afternoon. Between the lupus flare & sinus infection my body must have been needing the rest to be able fight off the attacks of both. I now feel as if I’m here but not; as if floating between the two worlds of being awake & needing more rest. The sluggish mind & body that dares to do no more than rest. It’s hard to comprehend where & why the day has escaped me.Have I Stretched & stressed my mind & body beyond it’s limits to now experience the fogginess of a day in time I’ve missed? I loath this feeling of being lost within myself, a day lost to sleep though it feels I’ve not gotten none,not enough rest to build the strength I’m needing. Maybe another good night’s sleep & I will have over come this by morning or at least at morrow’s end.

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    1. I hope you’re feeling better,I know with two young ones it’s difficult to care for yourself and them also Please take care of yourself my friend. Much prayer and love sent your way. If ever you need me to hold you in prayer please let me know. I am here for you when ever you need me. It does sound a bit romantic does it not 😉 it seems our life’s follow similar paths here & there of two souls in different parts of the world but yet so similar God has allowed us to be there for one another.

      1. I don’t think it’s romantic – it’s a reality. Think of Jesus and throughout the Bible referring t9 a vine. It has spindles, not a block. Before there’s fruit you can see them all a# weak and semi isolated. It’s their attachment to the root and each other that gives them strength. When they’re fully grown and with fruit you forget that.
        We live in a post Christian age. God makes paths for us to nourish each other so we can go into the world.
        Im holding you in my prayers x

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