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A day lost somewhere in time

Ive awakened to find I have slept entirely through the 3rd of July. The last I remember was visiting the Doctor so I could have all of my scripts in order for my vacation,coming home making myself some french fries,taking a nap then being awakened by Donnie when he got home. Raven stopped by while Donnie made manwhiches & fries I ate went to sleep & didn’t wake up till this afternoon. Between the lupus flare & sinus infection my body must have been needing the rest to be able fight off the attacks of both. I now feel as if I’m here but not; as if floating between the two worlds of being awake & needing more rest. The sluggish mind & body that dares to do no more than rest. It’s hard to comprehend where & why the day has escaped me.Have I Stretched & stressed my mind & body beyond it’s limits to now experience the fogginess of a day in time I’ve missed? I loath this feeling of being lost within myself, a day lost to sleep though it feels I’ve not gotten none,not enough rest to build the strength I’m needing. Maybe another good night’s sleep & I will have over come this by morning or at least at morrow’s end.

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