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So many of my days run together here lately that I don’t seem to have enough energy at the end of the day.

Tho my schedule or the norm of the day doesn’t change the energy I have to put into each task does. There are times I seem to have more than enough with some to spare then other days I can’t seem to muster the strength to get out of bed. If only I could deposit the left over energy into an account to withdrawal it when needed. My thoughts go quickly to

but what if the account was over used and tapped dry how could it be regained this leaving me worse off than before so I’m better off as I am using each day wisely doing what I can,if things are left undone there’s always tomorrow if it comes. I must choose what is vital and important and focus on completing those tasks doing the other’s in sequences of days.

I’m not lazy just tired in a autoimmune way.

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