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A simple Sunday In The South (The series )

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Continued from last week

Concern shows in Jasper’s eyes as he worries about Ma

The sence of something strange happening

Today is an ordinary day like any other yet the sense of sumthin unusual is in the air so thick one could cut it with a nife. Pa hadn’t made it back from Plattesville yet,he’s due in some time tomarrie. While gone Ma has continued with this thang called a nestin with her cleanin the walls down,gettin the cradle and clothes and things ready. The clothes and blankets that once were in the cedar chest are now put on the shelvin near the child’s cradle. Ma fiddles with each piece of clothin as she passes by tryin to get em just right,blankets folded and refolded even shakin the rattle Pa made for the wee one,as she does she smiles with her beautiful smile causin her ta glow in delight that soon her dear precious baby will be here. Ma’s a tryin ta keep busy but tirin more easily,restin more often today with times fallin a sleep in her rocker a tillin her back gets ta hurtin then she walks the house ta get the pain ta settle a bit. She’s napped more today in bed than she ever has with not being sick,see layin in bed just ain’t sumthin Ma does. I’ve tried to stay by her side but out of her way too,not a tryin to disturb her; with me a checkin on her when she fidgets in pain. I hope Pa gets here before this there baby comes cause I ain’t knowin nuthin ’bout birthin no babies. Woo child that thought is a givin me the skin crawls,the heebie geebees I ain’t a wantin no part of this here birthin stuff I ain’t a made fer that you know.See ole Jasper here usually ain’t afeared of nuthin but I’m a shakin sumthin so dad burn awful my a bones are a rattlin soundin like the ole voodoo lady shakin em bones tellin ones fortune shake,shake,shakin em bones and throwin em on the ground to read. Oh gosh now I’m a makin myself scard of dat ole voodoo lady,my bones are a shakin and I’m a supposed to be watchin on Ma,I can’t a be doin it by hidin under the bed like this but since I’m a under here I’m a gonna take me a nap maybe when I awoke Pa will a bein here,I’m a sure hopin so anyways.

The day ends with Jasper worried and scared

As the day is starting to end when ma is usually putting food on the table for Pa and her.

There’s no need for a fire with the weather warming

Tonight the stove is cold with no food cooked since mornin when Ma made a small batch of cookies for her to nibble on throughout the day,tho only one or two have been touched,Ma isn’t much on eatin today with all the pain she’s havin.

Ma’s small breakfast

The night has come and Ma hasn’t lit the lanterns

The night is settlin in and ma isn’t her normal self,she’s been in bed more in than out and isn’t doin much in the way of  nuthin.

Darkness now has a settled in and Ma hasn’t lit the lanterns which is real strange,I’m afeared the child may be comin with all the strange acts ’round here,Ma just ain’t herself not the Ma I knows anyways. She’s a moanin more and more not a loud moanins just low and intense with an oh in thar ery once in awhile.

Jasper’s thinking of how to get Ma help

I’m a thinkin of gettin down to ole man Wilson’s place and a tryin to let Mrs. Wilson know Ma’s a needin her but ole man Wilson’s meaner than a mountain lion on a bears back so I gotta think thisin out beforin I go a tryin to fetch help cause I’m a not wantin to a getta myself shot ya see, no sir ree.

Will Jasper get help,will the baby be born before Pa arrives home?

Continued next Sunday…

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