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Good afternoon everyone,I pray your day has gone well this far & you’re being blessed on this beautiful day.

Today I’ve been doing some thinking which isn’t anything new BUT I’ve not over thought the idea that was suggested to me by Donnie.He suggested that I order business cards with my website for him to hand out. The last time he was in home Depot picking up petunias for me the young lady started talking to him about flowers & he mentioned my love of gardening,crafting & my blog but he couldn’t remember the name hence the need for business cards. When his words tickled my ears I immediately thought of the roadtrip & being in Colorado where cheryl & I will be spending alot of time in the shops & businesses. Cheryl & I have thought of asking each shop we enter for permission to take pictures & to post about the business promoting them on the blog so handing out business cards would be perfect for each to have access to my posts & reviews. I also ordered the metal card cases to keep the cards pristine & professional & post cards with my logo,the website & my name where I can send a thank you card for the businesses treating us well in hopes of obtaining a more powerful traffic flow & followers.

Do you believe I have made a wise decision?

Please feel free to suggest,advise & give me your opinions. Blogging is a new territory for me as you can probably tell by my page,my writings & the many post I make in a day 😊.

I am very interested in your ideas. Thanks in advance, I do appreciate any & all help I can get.

This is the business card with the post cards looking a bit different with the same look & information.

Again please leave your thoughts in comments I’m in need of your advice. I don’t want to create a mess but a masterpiece in blogging.

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