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A few years ago I was nudged to start blogging, to write my thoughts, feelings,to share the word of God to encourage others as they struggle in the areas I may have made it through or am walking their same path. I always wait of confirmation in two or more forms before going forward in obedience but with this I have been very reluctant because tho I’ve always enjoyed writing blogging was never a thought or dream I ever imagined.when I first joined social media > Facebook I used it as a platform for my ministry of encouraging those I am friends with and their friends when someone would share a post. When the facebook ministry was started it was in the form of a challenge in church,to encourage seven people to come to church the next service or at least be a witness to the Lord’s greatness. As I rode home talking to the Lord I addressed the challenge stating Father God you know I have no close friends nor do I go anywhere often staying home for weeks at a time how am I going to be part of this challenge? As I continued riding I heard the small still voice noting I had 127 friends at the time of this occurrence on facebook and that I could reach more for him than the 7 challenged. As the spirit would hit me I’d write as Father God instructed. At times I would write scripture another time it would be something I had been through and how I overcome or came through to breakthrough with the grace,mercy,wisdom, knowledge of the Lord. At times a word would be dropped in my spirit for someone, not knowing who but I would be told what to write. In doing so I would often get messages through messenger of testimonies or bearing witness of the spoken word written for them and thank me for my obedience and encouragement.

When the small still voice mentioned blogging the same way I was not willing to quickly be obedient,reluctant is not a strong enough word to describe my defiance as I waited for a form or two of confirmation which came a year or so later mentioned by a long time friend and classmate, still I was slow to be readily obedient thinking blogging is way out of my league in which I no nothing about and arguing I know nothing of technology to do what I’m being nudged to do. I then questioned the spirit,to test the spirit ha so I put it.

I had already did some research on blogging the year before now all of a sudden I’m doing more research about the subject like an addict searches for their pleasure and before long I was doing what’s needed to get here. The platform to do as my spirit tells me. As I share testimonies,give encouragement, love, making friendships,writing my feelings, poems,stories,sharing my crafts, recipes, my life in general here at La Chalet De La Mare. I’m not looking for fame,fortune or popularity I’m now being obedient in the Lord. What he does with it is up to him, I’m to glorify him in all I do. For this is not my blog so to speak but it is Father God’s. As I was reading the post linked below it’s as if someone peeked into my soul,mind and heart and wrote often word for word what I have experienced. I seen myself in every word written but more eloquent than I. I hope you enjoy her writing as I have and it gives you an understanding of who I am,what I desire and what my purpose here in the world of blogging is.

Have a blessed sabbath ❤ with much love sent


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