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adjective: perennial
  1. lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring.
    “his perennial distrust of the media”
    synonyms: everlastingperpetualeternalcontinuingunendingnever-endingendlessundyingceaselessabidingenduringlasting, persisting, permanentconstantcontinualunfailingunchangingnever-changing

    “the perennial fascination with crime”
noun: perennial; plural Perennials
 The word perennial invokes the images of the beautiful flowers in ones gardens,flower beds or scattered throughout the world in nature that appear every season without fail.
A different meaning comes to mind now
It wasn’t until I was looking up the definition for someone wbich my mind now conjures thoughts of Father God and his love for each of us.When I read the words above given in this definition I cannot help but think of him.Now when I look out at the potagere’s garden I see something more spiritual than ever before gazing at the beauty of the perennial flowers growing there.I absolutely love when I’m given moments as this to see our Father as he truly is and how he feels about and sees us.❤
The definition is so fitting to our Father in Heaven 
The perennial existence and love of our Heavenly Father.When I now hear or think upon the word it brings forth several images,that of Daddy Father God and the perennial flowers he creates for us to enjoy not only their beauty but their wonderful fragrances that’s produce also.
This then has me visualizing he the Heavenly Father caring and tending for us his perennial flower garden.That thought invokes a beautiful image does it not? 
Father God’s perennial love
stack of love wooden blocks
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com
We his beautiful,wonderful creation the perennial flower’s in his garden with each of us possessing our own unique beauty and fragrance.One flower not more lovelier than the next yet when made into a bouquet what an awesomely beautiful cluster of colors,fragrances and beauty to be hold,there is none which can compare to his bride the church.
Us The bridal bouquet. 
We are not only the bride but also the bridal bouquet 😊
No other images could be so revealingly beautiful than these in this post demonstrating the love of our Heavenly Father the bridegroom for us his bride and bridal bouquet.

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