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There is life & death in the power of the tongue.

We recieve what we speak & believe

We have the power to speak positively or negatively with us also having the power to choose which we will speak.

The seeds of negativity are sown when spoken as are the seeds of speaking positively

The words we speak are seeds sown like as a farmer planting for a harvest. For we speak everything into the atmosphere whether good or bad.

What’s in your harvest

What are you going to harvest a sustainable crop or a field of briers & weeds? Negative only produces negative results as a watermelon seed only produces watermelon.

Decisions to be made

The decision is ours & ours alone. It is proven that energy is drained from us when speaking or being in a negative state with serotonin being increased & released when we are in a positive frame of mind serotonin is responsible for creating the feelings of wellbeing, happiness & joy.

Life is more pleasant with a positive attitude & outlook.

Be happy life is too short to always speak the negative into your own or another’s life.

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