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Hitting The Road

As my daughter & I count down the days until our departure date when we will then be hitting the road for a journey of a life time. Two wonderful months of a girl time road trip to Colorado. There will be loads of pictures along the way & during our days,weeks & months there & in Oklahoma where we will visit friends & family. I myself have never been to Colorado & I’m so looking forward to our stay,where as cheryl has lived in Colorado not too far from where we will be staying so this will be like old home week for her. Cheryl loves Colorado & will one day move back where she plans on putting down roots & remaining indefinitely. From the pictures below & what she has shown me Colorado is certainly God’s country where he etched out the beauty of wide open land, mountains topped with snow & blue skies as far as one can see. I’m ready to hit the road running at this very moment though we have 22 days remaining until taking off. The trip has been planned for a year tho the time remaining is going to seem the longest we know it isn’t that terribly long but yet seems like years. We will certainly miss everyone & everything back home but we will definitely not miss it enough to turn down the opportunity to see the beauty of the scenery, meeting the towns people & all the area has to offer. It’s said to be a quirky little town therefore she & I will fit right in feeling as if we are right at home,where we belong at least for the month we will be there. Cheryl & I have been talking via phone & texts each about what we may need,what we already have and how excited we are to be heading out on the open road enjoying our girl time together.

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