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Does your spouse love you? Read this and find out

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When two people are talking at the same time,no one is listening. Consequently,there is no communication.For conversation to be meaningful,it requires talking and listening.How hard can that be? Yet 87% of those who divorce say their main problem was that they could not communicate.
Listening begins with an attitude. If I choose to believe every person I encounter has inherent dignity and value,meaning their thoughts and feelings are important,then I am prepared to listen.If I think the world revolves around me,that my ideas are all that counts,then why should I listen to anyone else? Many people don’t have a communication problem; they have an attitude problem.
Let’s learn to value one another.In doing so,we will inadvertently make our conversations and experiences much more healthy and rich.

Communication is the key to a successful loving marriage

Sharing everything with your spouse is vital for the marriage to remain intact

Enjoying the life you’ve made together as you invest your time and energy into what matters most

The lack of communication separates and divides the couple most often ending in divorce

Growing into love together with open lines of communication gives a joyful marriage as you age

When twain became one

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