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Worrying does not add a day to your life

We all have worried about this or that during our life time and 100% of the time everything worked out for our good,not as we may have thought but in reality the situation or circumstance turned out better in the long run with the possibility of being better than we had plotted,schemed,devised or thought. Often my worries have turned to anxiety which now offsets lupus or fibromyalgia flares as does STRESS. Worry does not add a single day to our life infact it is proven it not only shortens the quality of the day given us it also decreases the number of our days lived . As I’m learning to manage my flares worry and stress are tried to be kept to a minimal. I’m learning after all these years of worrying all it has done was make me ill.
Don’t waste a single day worrying about anything,taking all your cares to Father God for he cares for you. Find peace in prayer,meditation,a fifteen minute walk, the deep breathing technique.. deep breath in- exhaling slowly.
This does amazing things for your thought process and your entire body. Find what works for you and when worry sneaks in like a theif in the night quickly do what you have leaned through yoga,meditation,prayer,exercise whatever it is as long as it’s a healthy way of banishing fear,worry and stress before it vanishes you.

You are too important,valued and worthy to be carrying burdens that are not yours to carry. They are Father God’s. Take his yoke for it is light. meaning > taking his peace in exchange for everything that’s troubling you for he has everything under control and is working everything out for your good.

Romans 8:28

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