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A Simple Sunday In The South …. (a Sunday series)

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As the time is getting close for ma to give birth she’s slowin down a bit cause now she’s startin to waddle,she says like a duck but I ain’t never seen one so to say but if ma says something you can bet it’s truth,not a more honest woman will you ever met. As ma and I relax by the small fire in the fire place just to knock off the chill she in her rocker me layin by her side on the warm rug she had made for me as a pup. It’s now worn just right for my liken with it bein nice to turn on my back and roll all over scratchin every itch or just to get my scent back on it after ma put it on the line to freshen as she calls it but I like my scent on it; now I wouldn’t act a fool and show unappreciation to ma I love her so and don’t want to hurt her in any way. There she sits darnin and mendin clothes she gathered from the line yesterday afternoon leavin them in the basket to darn and iron today while a fire would be burnin for puttin the iron to heat,as she’s trying to mend the shirt pa ripped the sleeve almost clean off tryin to get a doe from bein stuck in the barbed wire fence that separates ole man Wilson’s property and ours a mean ole cuss he is,mean as the day is long. The doe was freed without much hurt but pa’s shirt was worst for wear it’s gonna have to be warn in the hot weather that’s slowly comin though there are times like today we need a small fire for the chill of the mornin’s and late nights. Pa rose before dawn today he dressed,built a fire and lit out without breakfast headin to town which is a two day ride there and back. Pa takin the buck board cause we’re needin supplies to fix up the two rooms adjacent to the house by a covered porch called a dog trot. When you step out of the house by ways of the kitchen door from the side entrance into the dog trot where you can go out to the yard by three steps off the side of the back porch where ma has her wash tubs set up by the well where she draws water or you can walk the corridor to the front porch passing two bedrooms which are pretty much across from the front door,they bein built when ma and her twin brother Mark got to where they could sleep by themselves without fear of not bein real close to their ma and pa. They’re really nice rooms they’re just gonna be spruced up a bit cause ma’s nestin Ms.Elizabeth says; so Ma wants them fresh and crisp.One bedroom was used as a workshop for pa while he was buildin his in the back yard out by the small green house he built ma,little further back from the chicken coop. The other room is were company sleeps,like when Mark travels this way from Texas or when Mr.walter and Ms. Elizabeth ma’s pa and ma come through to go to Plattesville for goods,they live in the next town over called Norton with Plattesville bein nearest big town for goods causin all to travel a good journey, that’s when ma gets to visit with her ma Ms. Elizabeth while Mr. Walter and Pa travel together for supplies.The rooms are going to be for the child and Ma as they were when Ms. Elizabeth had Mark and Ma. Ms. Elizabeth slept in one room as Mark and Ma were in the other to get the two used to being apart from them but not too far from the main house only of course when the child will get big enough, staying in the house with us until then.The dog trot is closed by doors at night,it’s locked down tighter than a lid on a Mason jar pa says,so nobody can be sneakin ’round ’bout not that I wouldn’t alarm ’em cause that’s my job and I do it well especially when pa is away like now. I would give my life for ma and pa but ma especially cause she’s real special and now with carryin new life within her which should be comin within a month or so,we’re just a waitin for that day countin ’em down one by one.


A Sunday series

once a week series called A Simple Sunday In The South

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