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A quiet beautiful Day

Sitting on the back porch as I do each morning enjoying either the day breaking or the morning sun which kisses the eastern side of the porch with filtering light streaming through the crape myrtle and bridal’s wreath that grow in the raised rock flower bed giving patterns of light on the roped pallet table swaying in the breeze of the fan situated in the corner of the porch making the area comfortable even on the hottest of days. I love sitting here listening to all the sounds of nature and of course those we created to sound like nature as the water running in the koi barrel. Today things are a bit different, I’m usually greeted by Samson the Great Pyrenees and the sounds of coos from the hens and crows of the roosters as if saying,” Good Morning I love you momma.” Today the greeting of Samson as usual but no obsessive crowing of the good morning momma’s from either set of roosters as if all are content enjoying their morning of coolness before the sun and heat rises by noon. I’m not complaining for I love my sweet precious chickens (EVERYTHING..who am I fooling) to be happy and content; I then can be happier and more content in everything I do for isn’t that one of my purposes as wife and mother 😊. I have made tonight’s dinner yesterday evening as I seasoned the few pieces of cast iron and did other things after Donnie came home from work. I had already boiled the chicken allowing it to cool before removing it from the bone,cut up the smoked sausage,onion and garlic sauteeing all in a bit of bacon grease from frying for sandwiches. After the onions and garlic became translucent I added the meats then seasoning,water and then rice for jambalaya.Donnie and I have picked blackberries from the bushes along the fence of the front yard flower beds where I allowed them to grow so I could have berries closer to the house.We didn’t pick them all for we have way too many but have left them for the birds to glean only taking what is needed to make blackberry dumplings to be served with vanilla icecream for dessert. There isn’t much to do so I may continue working on the little outfit I’m going to try to make for Daisy, I made her little bloomers already and I’ve pinned the top together giving me ideas which will probably be changed ( added to) in the course of this project. I still haven’t finished the guy’s shirt apron’s which I need to make a priority before this outfit but it’s soooo darn cute 😊. Who knows what I may do today,I may decide just to make the dessert and do nothing else then I may get into many things.Some days are planned some just take on a mind of their own as on a whim,those being my favorites now as I mature. In my younger days everything was so structured with raising children I now love the days of no gameplan,no day planner,no structure having the ease of an early retirement so to speak leaving behind the madness of feeling overwhelmed and overloaded all thanks to my wonderful husband who has taught me to slow down and enjoy this part of my life.

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