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In My Tests Of Patience

As the day is awakening from it’s slumber

 lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring.

as I looked at the sky this morning  I was reminded of one part of the definition above which states in part >continually recurring. Every day we are awaked to a new day of God’s mercy and grace in a day that is filled with blessings and opportunities if we will remain positive and staying incexpectantly of the moving of God on our behalf and be of good cheer. When things go wrong as they often do  if we take the time to breathe,closing our eyes for a few minutes clearing our minds while slowly taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly continuing until we feel the anxiety or stress of the moment being released into the atmosphere no longer plaguing us and thinking on pleasant things,things that fill us will joy you know those things that often put a smile upon our face.  As a baby’s precious laughter.Life is too short to be overcome  by the pressures of the day. Live in today for tomorrow is not promised. We may not be able to avoid or change situations but we can change the way they affect us.
Stress is the #1killer..increasing  stress raising our blood pressure making our chances of having a stroke or heart attack that much greater.Stress will also cause sickness,diseases and pain or increase chronic pain in our body’s. Ask  yourself this question… Is what is happening worth you becoming ill or no longer having the ability to speak,walk and care for yourself or your family or worse? If your answer is no, as mine is we then must find alternative methods of calming ourselves in tough situations. Inhaling and exhaling,walking outside in the fresh air and sunlight does wonders if it’s just for five minutes as we clear our mind by reminding ourself, why am I allowing someone or something to rob me of living the joyful abundant life promised me by God Himself. Recall every time God as seen you through situations and circumstances as King David did in psalm 143 when he was in the pit of depression and despair. 


synonyms:everlasting,perpetual,eternal,continuing, unending,never-ending,endless,undying,ceaseless,abiding,enduring,lasting, persisting,permanent,constant, continual,unfailing,unchanging,never-changing

Does not this describe God perfectly?
He is unfailing,the same yesterday today and forever.
He is our Father,way maker,stress taker,storm chaser,provider,healer,peacemaker,world shaker. There’s nothing impossible with God. He may not move when we want him to or do things as we think he should but he’s always on time and his ways are always perfect leaving us often thinking why didn’t I think of that or saying, ” that was only God.” These things I’m writing are lessons I’m learning and love sharing what and how Father God shows me in how to overcome and recieve victory in ever situation and circumstance. If I do not share my testimony I am no better than the nine of ten lepers who did not return to the Lord thanking him for their healing. By the testimony from our mouths is how others learn the mightiest of  our loving God,Lord and savior.
When the day begins to get hectic remember to breath,recall the goodness of the Lord. The battle is not yours it’s the lords,give everything to him leaving them at the foot of calvary,never grabbing them with your thoughts and trying once again to figure out the solution.
Wait patiently for God in working things out for your good.

 Patience is not one of my virtues and I struggle in waiting but in this if I do not try to go before God doing things my way when I wind up messing everything up more terribly than they were before, I find something creative to do keeping my mind busy. As I was told as a child,idle hands are the devil’s work shop. As I’m doing anything with my hands my mind is concentrating on the task at hand.

Honing my skill of patience 

Patience is a slow process and in the wait are valuable lessons to be learned.

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