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A hound layin on the porch in only a half sleep but yet not energetic enough to scratch an itch only swattin an ear and with a huff plops the head back down instinctively knowin there’s no runnin or trackin a scent today for it’s Sunday everyones day of rest. Hi I’m Jasper the family’s Redbone hound and I’d like to share my life and family with you.

Chapter one

Getting to know each other

As pa lays on the bed on the porch shaded not only by the tin roof but also by the gigantic magnolia trees planted on each side of the house at least 40 years ago when ma was born. Her pa built the shotgun house when her ma was early in her pregnancy her first child,so she thought. A typical shotgun house usually called as shotgun shack is one that when you open the front and back doors you can look straight through the house with the living room in the front of the house,a bedroom in the middle and the kitchen at the back of the house with a fireplace,a large pantry,a strong plain wooden farm table in the middle of the room where ma puts what has been gathered from the garden,fruit trees,eggs from the chickens,ducks and guineas.This is where she prepares food for the day or preserves what she has,gettin the pantry stocked for us through the winter. She will often have the laundry off the clothes line damped and rolled waitin to be ironed when the iron gets hot enough from sittin on an eye of the wood burnin cookstove or she’ll have material laid out for cuttin to make pa some shirts and for her to enlarge her clothing as she becomes larger and larger with child. She is always busy,I often lay by her rocker near the fireplace as she hand stitches clothing,darns socks,makin quilts,something for the baby coming and the home,she has even made me a rug to lay on so not to get a chill in the winter from the cold air comin up through the cracks of the floor. Pa will tell her to slow down for she works like a pack mule all the while ma smiling saying,”oh Henry I do no more than any other women we know.” With that pa will tell her,”I suppose you’re right Margaret but none near as beautiful as you.” Pa and Ma love each other with the deepest truest love,one that no other love could ever compare.They met when they were 17 and 19 pa being the older,they married a year later.

Now 20 years past and ma’s havin their first child.When I heard her tellin pa the news it was the most joyous time for all for I couldn’t tell you the nights while pa would be asleep,while she would be mending clothes talking to the Lord with a crack in her voice every now and then,tears a runnin down her cheeks askin for her to have a child.Although she wanted more to give pa the pasel of children he always wanted she would be overjoyed with one she’d would say. I would lay and listen to her prayers,hearin her sobs when I would ease over to her puttin my head in her lap,this always made her smile while rubbin my head,wipin a tear or two away.My what a beautiful smile she has,the kind that makes one’s soul feel at ease. She would bend to kiss my head and then whisper in my ear ” Jasper there is none like you in all the world and I’m so very blessed to have you,what would I do without your kindness and love.” Well If hounds could smile I’d be all teeth but seein I can’t I would snuggle my head into her lap once more and look up at her to see the love shinin from her like that of an oil lamp it seems,I don’t know if the light can be seen but I know it can certainly be felt by all who meets our beautiful loving Margaret.

Continued next sunday …

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