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God is working in the midnight hour

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The beauty of my time with God

In the midnight hour when peace & calm come in with refreshing breezes for my soul from the very breath of the Lord

12 am I’m sitting outside on the back porch with two huge fans at opposite ends circulating air causing it to whirl,stiring air constantly around me as I’m being caressed by wave after wave of it’s refreshing cool air touching my skin as if there’s a breeze blowing in Oklahoma.The most wonderful state I have lived in for having the benefits of it’s constant breezes which are so refreshing in the summer,it’s as if it knows to cool you from the heat of the day.One of many wonderfuls things I miss not being there.Another is family & friends. Mississippi where wind is not common not even a breeze with it’s stifling heat & humidity often times taking one’s breath away when you come outside unless there’s a tropical storm or hurricane brewing then & only then you may feel a breeze as I’m feeling from the fans but yet I desire to live in no other state for I love the people & the laid back kind of life in the south.The south where I have called home for thirty- six years.The humming the fans as they’re generating a soothing hum added to them are sounds of the night bugs singing their chorus of music serenading me until dusk breaks into dawn giving way to the birds of song & the rooster’s crows. The quietness,the peace & calm of the night makes one which for longer hours of darkness before the hustle & bustle of the day begins. Even nature seems as life stirs more busily during the day because we cannot see what happens in the dark tho so calm & serene.The claminess of the humidity can’t be felt since the air is stirring unless an elbow is placed on the swinging pallet table used for relaxing,often dinning in the cooler months.Nothing can be seen,for only rays of light from the utility pole in the front yard can be seen filtering through the plum & crape myrtle trees which have grown so high they now block what light did brighten the back yard which doesn’t bother me in fact I appreciate it being blocked because I’m not bombarded with the irritating bugs that follow light as if they are afraid of the dark. The faint bark of Samson our guardian companion patrols in the woods & the neighborhood he foundly calls his territory letting everything within hearing distance know ” I’m on watch ” When I’m awaked for some unknown reason at this time in the morning maybe my body has had it’s rest.I often come here to sit for all that surrounds me brings peace into my soul. A place I often come to talk with God for there are no interruptions as everyone & thing is asleep.As if being readied for the day to come or this is the time his voice can be so clearing heard when my mind has been renewed,for it was in the midnight hour when his angles opened the prison doors for Paul & Silas or there’s mentioned he will work on our behalf in our midnight hour,there is certainly significance to this hour;these wee hours when he often shows me great & mighty things I knew not or reminds of his words as he leads me in what I’m supposed to do. I love my alone time with the lover of my soul.

As seek the face of the lover of my soul

seek My face and you will find fulfillment of you deepest longings”

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