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Tomato plants & working the garden 

The garden

Sunday seven more plants were added to the garden these are a Beefsteak Heirloom tomato & supposed to be slicers.We’re hoping they’re as said to be because we love tomato sandwiches when it’s too hot to eat much more & the fresh garden tomato is always better with added delight when the tomato slice is big enough to cover one piece of bread,it seems it makes it more gratifying. The garden was hoed & looks so beautiful with the ground broken around each plant making the green of each an even richer green with the dark brown soil broken to perfection laying around everything growing.

Tiling the plots

Monday evening Donnie tilled between the rows of two plots,the watermelon & corn. I haven’t felt like walking down there to take pictures & I apologize. This evening I may get some to post as I am curious to see how everything is coming along.

Making feeders &  being successful in duck coop hygiene 

Sunday Donnie decided to make feeders for each chicken coop & for the ducks out under a tree by the pond out of pvc pipes with caps like he makes for his deer feeders,which gives us fewer walks out to the coops carrying feed or out by the pond to feed the ducks making it easier on me with feeding.We’ve stopped having feed & water in the ducks coop to keep down all the duck muck,it’s stench & the flies.With the coop staying dry we have successfully solved that problem.The duck’s eat throughout the day & come up at dusk to roost then being let out at daylight so they’re not suffering being without as they roost.

Broody hens & communal hatches 

Checking on the cochin’s hens setting I discovered not two hens setting in the oval galvanized bucket I gave them to lay not expecting them to go broody so soon after the communal hatch not long ago. There is another bucket in the coop but if you have or had chickens you know they often use & fuss over the same nest. In the past I have had enough places for each hen to nest but it never mattered they have always wanted the same nest causing terrible sounds coming from the coop making it sound as if one was being murdered or laid a gigantic egg she needed to screetch as she passed it. I found this morning that I don’t have two hens setting in the one nest but three. It surprised me when I walked into the coop to find three little heads peeping up over the rim of the bucket peering to see if I’ll disturb them & get the hum of discontent as I move closer but I guess they’re used to me lifting them gently checking to see if any eggs have broken needing to clean the nest or to remove an egg or two that no fuss is given just low coos as if to plead for me to put them back on their clutch,so I quickly check under all three. I’m wondering if I will find the fourth hen in the bucket with the rest of the hens which is big enough to accommodate them because their so tiny. Last count I had one hen with seven eggs.When I would find eggs that are cold to the touch I disposed of them not knowing if it was freshly laid or pushed out from under her,I don’t  want to take any chances of finding undeveloped chicks when cracking the eggs to fry, use in recipes,boiled or pickled..no surprise finds or should I say not as many lol.I really love these communal hatches. I think it’s so awesome & how natural it is for them to join in the cause,each taking a role in setting & after the first hatch another will take to caring for the chick or chicks as the other or other’s are continuing to set. I’ve raised chickens before never having the Cochin breed,this is a breed every chicken lover with children should have. I’ve read they love to be held & loved. I didn’t do any special handling with them after they left their brooder & went to the coop tho I talk to them everyday.With the hens being broody it gives me the chance of touching them proving I won’t hurt them in hopes they want held & loved. Yes I’d love a cuddle chicken.I have had a Henny Penny long ago who loved to be held & would come running towards me or the children when feeding up & milking the goats waiting as patiently as she could for someone to hold & love her. I believe that’s when I fell in love with chickens. Tho I had raised them they were just chickens for eggs or meat but after my experience with Henny Penny I realized they are capable of love & desiring to be loved. Some more babies are come but just how many we’ll have to wait & see,of course pictures will be posted after the entire clutch is finished.

Some Sewing done

I worked on a few apron’s yesterday. Two from worn out jeans, either of those are for my daughter, tho she’ll  probably want both. If you knew Cheryl you would know no girly girl apron’s would do tho she look’s beautiful in everything she put on. she’s no longer my prissy girl she was when she was a toddler long past are those days,tho she will wear an occasional maxi or sun dress & be very feminine but she has become a tomboy like her mother. I also made some boot socks & slipper socks from unwanted pairs of  Donnie’s, the foot being too big on the slipper but I bunched the material together sewing it to look like a pom pom on the back. One is from a pair of hunting socks which will be perfect for my trip to Colorado. I didn’t get the aprons I wanted to work on,tho I have gotten one cut out I want to gift to someone else.I have found a relaxing hobby I enjoy. Giving gifts has always been my specialty, I’ve always enjoyed giving cards,letters,poems or any craft I felt worthy of giving someone.It’s my way of showing my love & appreciation,because all of who I am goes into even picking a card. I rarely give anything I feel is inferior to the way I feel for each recipient of my gifts. I do love receiving gifts but I would also like the time spent with the giver if at all possible.So I try to make it where I give the my gifts personally,when I can’t I mail them with Hope’s the gift is received with the love & appreciation it was intended to show.

Today’s rainy weather is received with Thanksgiving

With the rain,a gentle refreshing rain,the kind romantic movies scenes are created to mimic. I am over joyed with everything growing getting watered from heaven which is always the best watering causing nature to be more beautiful with fuller fruits & vegetables,tho we do have well water rain is much better with us not having to do it 🙃

The rain is good for every living thing

” We are truly blessed, we’re drinking from the saucer because our cup runneth over ” 

Be blessed ❤🥀🐝

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