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20190604_1854374330751375399447188.jpgOne of the best investments we have made in a very long time. I really don’t know how we got along without our orange beauty.

Tho I’ve been encouraging Donnie to purchase one for several years now,this year became,” The Year” YAYYYY !!  Now everything that needs to be done can from breaking the ground,tiling,brush hogging to dragging & digging.She seems to have brought life back to Donnie,he now can enjoy mowing which hastened it with having five acres or more including the field,making it seem more like a pleasure than of a chore. The garden & plots were put in this years where as only the garden would have with the standard tiller.
I’m overjoyed with excitement for our new addition,not for myself but for Donnie. Now he has something he enjoys & it makes life easier on him. He deserves every bit of help,praise & blessing for all he does for & around the homestead. He’s our #1 workhorse the tractor is #2. He needs to name her tho..Everything on the homestead gets a name especially if it produces & works as hard as she does.our orange beauty has a name “Mater” I had forgotten that he named her the other day. See what happens when you have too many irons in the fire. 

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