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The Lies of Perfection

Perfection is impossible to obtain & continuing to strive for perfection will cause anxiety,Depression & oppression making us feel we’re not hitting the mark in any area of our life therefore causing us to doubt our salvation & questioning, are we pleasing God?

Stopping the insanity of perfection 

Instead of striving for perfection we should be striving to be a better person, not the perfect one just a better one.

Take My yoke for it is light

Taking the  burdened yoke of perfection from ourselves,loosening the restraints that have kept us bound to “not ever being good enough” taking Jesus’ yoke for it is light;laying the burden at the Masters feet at the altar in the throne room of God & not allowing satan to sabotage us with the perfection guilt any longer.

He is perfection.

 In releasing the feeling of needing to be perfect we’re setting ourselves free from the stronghold of sin,the subconscious sin of believing the shedding of Jesus’ blood was in vain with it not being able to break the imperfections in us.With this done we now have the ability to move into the presence God without guilt & shame strengthen our relationship with him.

The father of liars

Once we realize we are not held to perfection by Father God,with the blinders taken off we can now see it’s a lie straight from the pits of hell from satan,he being the one setting us up for failure.

For we have all sinned & fallen short of the glory of the Lord.


Why would Father God set us,his children up for failure by expecting us to be perfect when he knows we will not be as long as we are in this sinful flesh.Our perfection comes when we are no longer on this side of heaven. Jesus spoke asking, “if you asked your earthly father for a loaf of bread would he give you a stone?” “No,Then your earthly father knowing how to give good gifts how much more shall I give unto you.” ( paraphrasing)

We have been taught by someone who was taught by someone,who was taught by someone,who believed the lies of being expected to be perfect giving their own interpretation to God’s word or not knowing God’s voice taught many of God’s children a falsehood. For God says,” my children know my voice & listen to no other.” How do we know his voice if we do not build a relationship with him? He must talk with us for us to hear his voice. God always sends two or three forms of conformation when he’s giving instructions as his word says he will.

He is the same yesterday,today & forever 

The word says we are not to lean on the arm of flesh for we shall fall. We should be studying the word for ourselves not just depending on the clergy for a sermon or ceremony.We should be reading the word for ourselves. So many have & will continue to come saying they are the Messiah & people will follow them like they did the Wacko from Waco Texas,Jim Jones & all the rest who have come & gone being the vessel used to deceive the saints of God.If these people knew the word for themselves would they have fallen for these WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING ? No of course not …

Study to show thine self approved 

Studying & rightly dividing the word is our instructions..God’s unconditional love Is what the word is referring to when it says,”Be ye Holy as I am Holy.” People have been taught Holy in this scripture means Perfect. In this text Perfect actually means Complete. Complete is referring to God’s Perfect love,in this this way we are to be like God.To love as God loves,to forgive as God forgives,he being our example.

Have a blessed day ❤🥀🐝




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