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Giving into change

A lot of TLC has gone into our back yard over the last six to seven years with many changes,trials & errors. I’ve envisioned it being an extension of the home flowing effortlessly from one to the other as one often sees in the magazines or on the latest tv program projecting such beautiful images; but somewhere along the line my brain had forgotten to tell my visionary self it only happens quickly in tv land or if one hires a team of landscapers & pays out the huh hum (clearing my throat) … Though my plans were coming along quite nicely when I also envisioned the chickens free ranging gracefully on the property around the home.With seventeen acres I never thought the backyard would be their plan of attack.With them lurking just behind the wire of their coop dreaming,plotting & planning the day I would succumb to their beautiful coos,loving & enduring paces as they watched intently through their run while I sang or talked with them as I worked making the yard our beautiful place of rest & relaxation. One of them undoubtedly talking to the other’s of a jail break & the plot of punishing me for their incarceration by destroying every plant & blade of grass in my carefully thought out (yeah right) design of our utopia I fondly call our ” Garden of Eden. ” Thank goodness Father God;”often smiling & at times laughing at my foolish notions of obtaining the unobtainable with free ranging chickens at least.When on day he allowed the chickens to venture out of their territory to Aunt Dorothy’s flower beds.That’s when all changed causing them to be permanently incarcerated,given life without the possiblity of parole to the coop & run.I do feel sorry for them but not so sorry that I will ever & I say “EVER” again allow chickens to free range unless I want my yard to look like we’ve traveled months by covered wagon in our journey from the East traveling South in hopes of laying claim to our stakes at homesteading in the untamed territory with barren ground around the home from clearing the land for building the home,barn,corral,chicken coop & broking the ground for planting with no growth until further out in the fields of then the endless prairie as one sees in westerns or little house on the prairie with images of the chickens foraging for food leaving the plants around the homestead intact & never going toward the garden. I’ve watched too many shows of the fairytales from hollywood with me now understanding what little vulture’s chickens really are but so much prettier than those that lurk on the roadsides waiting for us to pass to continue to devour what they were eating before we disturbed them or when they are hovering in the air looking for the decaying carcasses. Leaving with me the beliefd, tho I do love my chickens they are just flightless little vulture’s, for I’ve watched the hard work go down in a matter of a few years to where I thought of instead of the grass that I once had I would now go to gray rocks to make a more stylish courtyard,giving into the changes made by my beloved chickens.

New life

With the grass slowly returning within a few months of their containment I relish the idea of soft grass beneath my bare feet or at least at those moments when I forget to slip into the flip flops left at the door.I can now see the “Garden of Eden” I first envisioned with a twist.

 Rose’s,Wisteria & Mucacinde’s

  As candy canes & sugared plums danced through the heads of the sleeping children in the night before Christmas, I saw a pergola errected at the fire pit & it’s retaining wall with visions of either wisteria meandering up,over & though the wooden structure with it’s clusters of purple delicate flowers cascading down around it where it’s foliage with it’s short lived flowers would give much appreciated shade as I & Donnie or we & visitors enjoyed our beverages as we chatted away the hours gazing upon the beauty surrounding us soaking in every bit of it as if we were the drying earth elated with the rain shower just received & in thanksgiving releasing the aroma of it’s moistened earth OR doing the same but under the clusters of muscadines dangling in late August for us to enjoy their goodness all at our fingertips.Tho I have wisteria meandering the fence by the area of the pit along with climbing roses,the muscadines being near by in the backyard with wild & domesticate plum tree’s,an apple tree ( which I need to get another for it’s pollinator died from the harsh winter of two snow storms when we usually have no snow at all) & a pecan tree ( losing it’s pollinator the same winter). We now have a metal gazebo with mosquito netting where we have placed a twin bed,two wrought iron chairs & a butane fire pit close by the outside shower where we can shower with fifty-five gallons (plenty) of hot water heated by the sun.Plans have certainly changed but I must say with much loved improvements.The gazebo will certainly be a favorite place to enjoy the early mornings of summer before the heat drives me indoors as will it be the perfect place to sleep in the cooler weather of autumn & winter with the fire pit for warmth or to make s’mores,chili or stew for us to enjoy while in our gazebo living area 😊 then after taking rest being awakened with the dusk giving way to dawn as the first morning light from the East ward view along with the morning sounds of the birds awakening from their slumber beckoning us to arise to join in the day the Lord has made for us in our little “Garden of Eden.

” Have a blessed day ❤🥀🐝

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