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For the coming week

Hello everyone,

I hope all of you are having a blessed Sunday enjoying it with those you love or getting the necessary down time preparing your mind,body & soul for the week ahead.May your week be blessed with God’s favor of peace,wisdom,knowledge & understanding in every situation & circumstance.Everything your hand’s touch shall prosper,you are blessed in your going out & coming in.May the doors that need to be opened be opened & those needing to be closed be closed never opened again unless given proper authority by Father God.May the windows of heaven be opened wide over your heads pouring out the blessings Father God has for each of you,so great you cannot contain them; pressed down,shaken together & overflowing as if they are a gentle steady rain refreshing you on a hot summer’s day.He shall supply all of your needs in every area of you life.May you be a blessing to all of those around you giving mercy,grace, love,compassion,understand & forgiveness.Giving unto other’s what God himself has given & continues to give unto you,the very things you desire from other’s. In all you do may it be done with the love of Christ. ❤🥀🐝

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