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Time To Heal

Recovery leads to Discovery 

I strongly believe in giving ourselves time to heal after any changes in our life which can cause unhealthy decisions.

As with surgery there is always a period of healing,often taking the body a full year or two to completely recover being the strong & healthy body it once was before the surgery.

The neglected self & how to be free

We seldom give ourselves time to heal after a relationship ends before getting into another.Too often we jump into  another relationship & another with the same kind of person we had only the names & faces being changed.

Breaking the ties that bind & leave all toxic people behind 

Never breaking the soul ties which bind us to the other person of the now ended relationships,we carry these from every relationship we have had into what could be & unless broken they often create more problems.Our emotional being needs time to heal with being fed good & healthy foods of positive thinking & being around people who will help  guide us into our healing process not feeding into more of what we’re coming out of. Our emotional self’s makes up 100 % of who we are & how we feel about ourselves.Without being properly nourished the emotional self will remain tore up from the floor up causing us to make poor & unwise decisions & choices. We’re Jacked up higher than the man on stilts at the circus before we come crashing to the ground in an emotional wreck with being depressed often leaving us with thoughts of suicide.We need to stop going around the same proverbial old tree by changing the cycles & patterns which cause our poor or low self esteem, low self body image & low self respect. We need to learn our value & never allow one to decrease our worth. Change & a healing recovery time of six months to a year maybe more if Father God instructs more time,the Holy Spirit will let you know  always with conformation. Without these vital necessities of change & healing we cannot be the us God has created us to be. Giving ourselves the time needed in His presence with worship,praise with the attitude of Gratitude,prayer,fasting,reading the word,finding every scripture pertaining to how Father God loves us,created us for himself that he fearfully & wonderfully made us in his image & allowing His will,giving up our own can we ever truly find healing & abundant joy in our life with speaking His words over & into ourselves. No amount of money,traveling,material possessions,drugs,alcohol,sex or success can fill the voids that only Father God can.

Discovering the new you

You’re worth the change,healing & recovery time needed to release the person you truly are. ❤


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