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The potagere’s garden is looking spectacular with the greenery of mint,medicinal herbs,rosemary,basil,thyme,sage,the bridals wreath & baby’s breath still too young to bloom yet the foliage gives the beautiful back drop for the sunflowers & wild flowers springing to life with their colors of yellow,magenta,orange,brown cream,white,purple,lavender & pink with the strawberries bringing the added touches with it’s dark foliage & light to deep red berry’s contributing more contrast to this little piece of heaven which is 12’×24′. The petunias hanging from the trellises bent over throughout the garden for the taller flowers to lean against or grow up on or through,giving the cucumbers something to cling to in the very near future,keeping them off the ground with sturdy support.The watermelon,cantaloupe & cucumbers growing from the wheelbarrow are amazing as the watermelon drapes over the front as a waterfall of green foliage with tiny yellow flowers making their debut  touching the ground to sprawl out past the garden’s edge going as far as it desires,while the cantaloupe & cucumber aren’t yet vining but they too will have their space to run wild as long as they’re producing & not interfering with the other  plants growth. 


The lamb’s ear adding not only color but also texture with it soft velvety leaf’s. I love touching them for they’re very soothing to the skin.I can see why they were used as bandages during the Civil War between the states when clean bandaging supplies were scarce.In time the plant becomes large with two leaf’s having the ability to wrap the average person’s arm if needed. A Lavender tincture was used to disinfect the wound  &  aiding in the wounds healing while the lamb’s ear covered the wounds to protect it from getting contaminated with dirt & debris.A fascinating bit of history which I’m reminded of each time I see or hear of the plants.

20190530_1247365107919473716788873.jpgThe eggplant & zucchini are filling out quite nicely with more planted in the garden that runs along side of the potagere’s garden,in it there are also potatoes,onions,cucumbers,okra & I will be planting more tomato plants tomorrow giving me twelve in all with the hopes of a bumper crop.


20190530_1246466087424926765534808.jpgWith okra,cucumbers & potatoes planted in different parts of the backyard. 

There can never be too much produce because it will be frozen or canned. My potato box is thriving,they must like the pure rich potting soil I used in filling the box.



The plots of watermelon & corn are doing well with us having twenty-four watermelon plants in all.We’re hoping we will have plenty with what plants survive & produce.We have doubled the number of plants since the first planting because these plots are the only ones relying on nature to be watered by the rain as Donnie’s grandfather did when Donnie was a young boy.His grandfather once growing watermelon & cucumbers where our home now sits & in the field where our plots are.On the acreage across the street Mr.Smith rented the land to grow cotton which supplied the church he & other’s built for the community with the money generated from one bail of cotton donated each year for the operation,up keep of the church & to have money in the treasury for it’s needs for the year.

Donnie’s grandfather owned 168 acres here which he had given his children, their portion of the land with them all building homes.This was once known as Smith Hill.Donnie’s mother,two aunts & two uncles are still living,tho in their late eighties to early nineties,they are living by themselves or with their spouse;a very independent people.With some of the grandchildren (Donnie is one) living on their given portion of land as is Mr. Smith’s great grandchild now living on his portion raising a family.There’s alot of family history with it’s roots running deep in the community,town & in the land.This is where Donnie was brought home from the hospital after birth & has lived here his entire life except for a few months when he was between the ages of 4- 6 years old living in Biloxi because of a job being done & Donnie’s father being the superintendent of the company had to relocate until the job was finished. Donnie is still working for the same company which being trained by his father & once held the same position as his father after his father’s retirement.Donnie was given his portion of land when marrying & raised his two children & a stepchild here.where we now live enjoying our life together &  becoming a wonderful blended family.With him & I together having four children & three grandchildren.These standards & beliefs are of a different time & era one which stood for family values,honor,respect,integrity & good moral character handed down to the next generation.


As with every seed or plant planted around the world it’s successful growth & producing the fruits or vegetables of it’s kind depends on one’s knowledge  usually by trial,error,failure & Father God’s grace & mercy just as our ancestors once did & as every farmer still does today with hopes of bumper crops to preserve,give away or sell with us being no different but on a smaller scale & only planting what I can harvest.This is the time of year which l begins the company’s busy season with Donnie often working seven days a week & working until dark leaving me to do what’s necessary as not to lose anything we’ve planted.A couple of years ago before the potagere’s garden was created the area where the clothes line is now,down to the tree’s where the garden is that runs along the potagere’s garden was one huge garden filled with corn,speckled beans,lima beans,cucumbers,yellow squash,tomato,zucchini,egg plant,onion, watermelon,cantaloupe & snap beans. That garden was started in cooler weather first with collard greens & turnips planted then the other’s followed suit.That year the garden produced more than we could eat or freeze allowing us to give generously to the children.



The wild plum in it’s second year is from what I seem to see gotten more fruit than last year of course & hopefully it will give enough to eat & to freeze for jelly.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our gardens, a bit of the history of the lamb’s ear,some of Donnie’s family history & the history of the land. 


Have a blessed & prosperous day❤🥀🐝

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