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Being able to communicate is not only with our vocabulary but also with our,eyes, ears & heart. Sometimes people needed to be seen,not a word spoken yet being there for one to open themselves up to. Someone to make eye contact with to allow them to know the other is paying attention & listening to every word as if their life depended on hearing what was being said. 

Today where most people have devices in their hands,texting someone sitting next to them or chatting to them on Facebook EYE CONTACT IS VERY  RARE.

I was raised where eye contact was a critical part of life in showing the speaker you were paying attention, listening & comprehending everything being said by the eyes & the expressions made.

A form of communication that was once common place to it now a virtue.

Eye contact should still be taught in the classrooms & at home. It’s virtually extinct,not existing in today’s society.

Eye contact needs a come back.

Have a blessed day❤🥀🐝

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