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Each KINGDOM has it’s KING

Tho small in stature the cochin rooster’s will defend their territory, harem & themselves unto death,the statement is true for any Roo worth it’s salt. There’s something in this breed that fascinates me,I guess to watch something so tiny stand up for his girls against the black copper Maran the larger roosters putting them in the coop then walking away with the stature of a king hence all the roos of the cochins are called king David as I’ve seen all three of the cochin rooster’s standing up to & dominating the larger Roosters. The larger roosters are named Abraham except for the Bar Rock with the short rosette comb his name is curly,the girls are all Henny Penny’s. With fifteen cochins & twenty of the other there are too many to name so it’s easier to address them all with a common name.The Rooster’s are my boy’s & the hen’s are most often called momma. I  had a communal hatch with four girls from the cochin having five chicks added to the flock,now I have one who has gone broody again & is sitting on seven eggs & one of the BCM sitting on a clutch of ten. I’m looking forward to seeing how many babies I will end up with. I love babies any baby human or animal..

Since being cooped I’m making sure to accommodate them as much as I can especially with the temperature rising. During the summer’s I put two fans to circulate the air,giving them mint which naturally lowers their body temperature then I mix whole kernel corn,cream style corn,mint & water then freeze the concoction in a 9×9 baking dish or muffin tin & giving this to them to peck & walk on to keep them hydrated,cool & it breaks up the boredom of being cooped as does hanging heads of cabbage to peck as if hitting a tether ball.I also hang mint, strow it on the floor & nest for them to eat, to freshen the coops,nests & keeps rodents out. I need to get a couple pumpkins for them to eat to worm them,I usually worm them twice a year spring & fall..I’m a little later than usual but it will get done. Last night each coop had there fair share of a half of a large watermelon rind with some flesh.The BCM have eaten their entire rind but the cochins act as if they don’t know what to do with it so I’ll be treating the other’s with it,maybe even putting ice water for them with the juice of the melon & check to see if I have any flowers they can eat,giving them a bit of a watermelon spritzer with a flower instead of a lemon slice,sometimes its watermelon & mint.. watermelon & mint are included regularly in their diet during the summers.

I love my chickens

Have a blessed day ❤🥀🐝



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