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The importance of our first fruits of praise and worship each morning.

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Finding God’s treasurer’s in praise & worship.

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As we are awakened by alarm clocks, roosters crowing,dogs barking,trains making their way through town,the hustle & bustle of  the morning traffic with the horns honking,the sound of sirens in the distance or the aroma of fresh brewed coffee,the timer has gone off  ten minutes ago starting it’s brewing so while stumbling to the shower,now waiting for the water to heat up we’re gathering all of the thoughts racing through our minds of what today has to offer with everything that must be done. Dead lines needing to be

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Photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush on Pexels.com met,meetings,endless phone calls & paper work you’re already exhausted & the day has just begun. In the precious moments of time when we’ve yet to pull back the covers,not thinking of rolling  ourselves out of bed yet because we’re just not ready to get up,we push snooze once more in hopes of  time passing more slowly giving us hours to lay there before getting up already dreading the day.At this time the most valuable moments of our day,the moments to praise the Lord for the blessing of waking us to new beginnings, for this day will never come again. In praise & worship we stir the Holy Spirit to move on our behalf. Praise & worship are two valuable actions to be taken creating the atmosphere for Father God to come rushing forth covering us in His presence. These first fruits of the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. From being in God’s presence we are filled with forgiveness, compassion,love,peace,joy,kindness,patience & the strength needed for the day,creating in us the fertile ground inwhich God can sow these & many more seeds needed into us for us to then sow into other’s as we come in contact with them throughout our day. Satan enjoys when we become preoccupied by the things of this world not giving our first fruits of praise & worship to Father God for he certainly knows how these activate the Lord to move on our behalf  because satan was the angel of praise & worship in heaven before becoming arrogant wanting to dethrone God then being cast down to earth where he goes to & fro like a lion seeking to whom he may devour. BUT there is hope,Father God gave us dominion over everything in the earth,therefore we have dominion over satan & he cannot bother us if we do not allow him to do so. Father God rendered him toothless so we need to stop giving him the fixodent to glue his dentures in to tear & rip us apart. Setting here thinking I often allow satan to operate more powerfully in my life than I allow God which is a shame isn’t it?


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Have a Blessed day,remember to give your first fruits of praise & worship unto the Lord. If we must set our alarms 15 minutes earlier so we can give this valuable time to Father God. ❤🥀🐝


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