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The peace that Father God gives us transcends our understanding.When most of our mental energy goes into the effort of trying to figure things out on our own we are then unable to recieve the glorious gift of His peace. Father God watches as our thoughts spin around & around.Going back & forth yet getting nowhere as if on a swing,accomplishing nothing, all the while His peace hovers over us as it’s searching for a place to land but we hinder his peace from covering us by being preoccupied by everything we’re trying to do on our own leaving Him out until we’re so overwhelmed we’re at our wits end feeling as if we cannot go any further.When we are able to get in His presence that’s when we can recieve His precious gift of peace in our turbulent lives & the uncertain world around us. Being still & knowing He is God,letting  His light soak into our body’s,mind’s & spirit’s allowing Him to permeate every part of our being’s,this is the most effective way of obtaining His peace that surpasses all understanding. 


Have a blessed day ❤🥀🐝


man in body of water
Photo by Ramón Sánchez Santana on Pexels.com

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