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I can do All things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Since 1941,the superherione Wonder Woman has captured our imaginations. She uses her beauty,strength and superpowers to bring justice to the world.William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman to represent all that women could be in a time when they did not have much power or influence in society. Rather than relying on brute force,Wonder Woman used love and her lasso of truth to get things done.

Today women often joke about feeling as if we need to be like Wonder Woman or treated by our family’s as we are thought to be Wonder woman in our daily lives.Women today often juggle with a career,marriage, children,friendships,church activities and everything in between then left wondering why we start the next day exhausted ending it the same way.Yet we push onward feeling sure,we too are called to be Super Women to save our own little world of families,extended families,friends then the entire world before us.More than often leaving us paying the price spiritually,emotionally and physically.Due to the over exhaustion our entire system suffers.

Many of us have a secret — one we share with very few people. Despite our Herculean efforts,our endless giving and our selfless devotion…

 we never feel like what we do or even see ourselves as good are enough.”

Leaving us feel as if we have failed God and those around us.

There is always another load of  laundry to do,another hurting heart to comfort,another meal to prepare and the list goes on and on with us continually adding to it.

We silently wonder,” if this is the abundant life why am I so tired ?”

I have to admit I’ve often struggled with this question.Being a motivated, goal-oriented woman,I can wear myself out in a hurry.Wonder Woman and I are so different.She knows her mission and  that’s all she does.She also knows both her powers and her limitations.I on the other hand,look at Philippians 4:13 and say,” I can do everything…so that’s what I better do.”  I am learning God has not called me to do it all things. My mission is not to save the world; Jesus has already done that. My mission also isn’t to be like my neighbor’s or the women I admire around me.This is where we often feel inadequate because we compare ourselves and our calling’s to other’s around us or in the media.

You are either living your mission or someone else’s 

Wonderful Woman would be in trouble being Superman or vice versa.Yet we often try to step outside who God created us to be and operating out of the power he has given us.The two most important words in Philippians 4:13 “are through him.” When we are connected to God,we can do what he called us to do and be who he has called us to be.The world tells us we need to do it all; Jesus reminds us we’re called to fulfill a unique purpose. When we can recognize our God – given strengths and respect our limitations we then can do with the power we have through Christ exceeds anything we can imagine.In the Kingdom of God,we are all wonder women.

You are strong…..


Read Philippians 44-13. What is God asking you to focus on during this time in your life?

How do the strengths he’s given you help in those areas?

Is there anything God might be asking you to say yes or no to right now ?


Lord,thank you for the strength that is mine through you. I want to use that strength to do your will today,especially in this situation or relationship:


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