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A Broody hen & I hoping for more

Though our flock of cochins have increased by five a few months ago I have one hen out of four that has gone broody once more with 6-7 eggs in her clutch. I didn’t mark the eggs as I usually do because the 4 hens seem more communal in sitting,hatching & raising the chicks it really doesn’t matter for when one hatches another will sit on the remaining eggs in the clutch while momma #1 is caring for the young. I’ve been raising larger breeds never seeing such communal participation, it’s as if the four hens are sister wives with all caring for the young as their own. I’ve heard & read how broody the cochins are but didn’t realize they would become broody so quickly after hatching & raising chicks a short time ago,I assumed instinctively they would allow themselves time to recuperate after going off feed as anything sitting will do, with her seeming to be healthy & quite content tucked in the corner of the coop in the oval galvanized bucket they’ve been laying in giving me the low kind of growl a broody hen will give as I’m trying to see the clutch,examining her,the condition of the nest & eggs while quickly counting how many are in the clutch. I’m excited once more to see little ones hatch & how each hen accepts their role in raising them.I have come to love this little breed not only because they’re tiny, because of their feathered legs & feet looking as if they are wearing feathered britches, but then add what great mother’s they are & they go broody often are all pluses in my view. The next one who goes broody I’m thinking of adding a couple BCM eggs to the clutch to build my other flock, this year the two hens who went broody for the last two years are not seeming as if they’re interested this year. I love babies human or animal & who doesn’t right because they  have their ways of melting your heart with their bundles of cuteness. Only time will tell how many will hatch. I’m sure when all is finished I will post pictures. Have a blessed evening everyone❤

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