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Lessons learned in patience part 2

Patience is a virtue

Yesterday’s post was about patience being a virtue with a scripture saying in showing patience in our life it is actually showing God we’re  trust in him completely & without patience we are blocking our blessings.I added several scriptures on the subject with many more I could have added but decided to keep the post sweet & simple

Be careful of what you ask for

Several weeks ago as I was talking with Father God I requested for him to give me his patience for in this area I am lacking;so I could grow in maturity in him & in this way giving others the same patience he has & is showing me. My desire is to be more & more like him everyday. Tho I have read the scriptures on this subject many times it was not until yesterday my eyes of understanding were opened when I read, patience is,”showing God we trust him” .. ” 0H MY G0SH   “A Epiphany”  when his light shown so brightly were I was shown the path I should walk as I had petitioned of him allowing me to learn patience.Thank you Father God. Long ago I remember hearing an elder of the church saying patience is a virtue but we should NEVER ask for patience,as I was making my petition known I continued with ,”I know I’ve heard we should not ask for patience for we will certainly be tested but Father God you’ve got this & ended the prayer in Thanksgiving & Amen.Being an empty nester homemaker I’m on my own time schedule therefore the time,date or day of the week are not relevant to me,this being said you will understand when I say two,three days or maybe four days ago my patience was tested by fire that felt as if I was sitting on the hot seat.I have been unable to access my wordpress account & believe  me when I say I am not tech savvy in the least so you must understand when glitches happen or something is wrong I have little to no knowledge how to fix the issue. If I had nothing invested in this it wouldn’t have matter to me as much as it has. I’m doing everything this low tech gal can do when I started getting frustrated,then giving satan the opportunity to push my buttons where I was thinking all sorts of things especially when I couldn’t seem to get help right away with the issue. I found the area of account recovery with being promoted to enter a verification code sent starting the process at 2 am with giving up in frustration to the point of getting upset & angry at 4 am putting the phone on charge I went to sleep until 7 am & started back trying to enter my username & email address only to receive username or email address not valid or incorrect password so I clicked on change password there came another verification code & I changed my password thinking this would resolve the issues but it didn’t,another 2 hours & I’m no further than when I started so instead of allowing this to cause my blood pressure to skyrocket I decided I sew more on the aprons for them to be ready when we go to see my son,daughter in law & grandchildren before I leave on my roadtrip to Colorado in July.Once I started sewing the anger dissipated turning into a relaxing time talking with Father God. One thing about learning to sew it’s certainly increasing my prayer life not taking away from it because I’ve  been praying for these projects to turn out declaring the word over myself  “everything my hands touch shall prosper ”  I didn’t think of anything other than the tasks at hand as I sang or hummed hymns. Around 4pm I tried several more times when by accident I  found live chat then in great Hope’s of someone walking me through the steps in resolving the issue but this was fruitless effort because someone from tech support would have email me because the person was unable to help me & apologized. I realizing this being no ones fault I tried to keep calm s000oo I waited not patiently but I waited & fumed when I heard the Holy Spirit in the small still voice saying ,” I’ll work it out” about that time Donnie came home from work & through the course of our conversation the issue came up with him telling me,”God will work it out” my conformation to what I was told earlier.As I sat unable to write I decided to get my tablet & play Hayday awhile & when I farmed as much as I could I was getting ready to shut everything down when I saw the wordpress icon & pushed it as it loaded I was soon where I was prompted to change my password & sent a verification number once more & BAM their I was able to write the post,when going to write I asked what am I to write about & clearly heard “Patience” & had to giggle but when I got to reading the scriptures I wasn’t happy with myself because in my frustration & anger I had failed to show God I trusted him feeling as a child who disobeyed or offened a parent,I felt ashamed. This is one of those listen I will not soon forget actually praying the lesson stays with me for a life time. In repentance I spoke with Daddy Father God. This morning the mobile device still unable to bring the account up I held up the phone saying,” Father God I give this matter to you,closing all tabs I laid the phone down to do little things that needed done then going outside before it got too hot to tend the garden pick a few strawberries & feed the chickens & ducks,letting them out to go to the pond. When I came into the house I checked the phone for missed calls or messages when touching the screen I somehow brought to a screen telling me about chrome often getting glitches where it showed the identical things I was getting when trying to get to my account. The article explained what to do to correct chrome so I googled to see where I would find the chrome app on my phone ( new phone & still learning lol) finding it I did as the article had suggested & here I am. LESSON LEARNED… When I took my hands off of the situation giving it to God he worked it out NO MUSS NO FUSS NO FRUSTRATION NO ANGER. I made things so hard on myself when the solution was so simple… WITH PATIENCE WAIT TRUSTING IN GOD

Have a blessed one ❤

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