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Hotel 6 chicken coop & run @ La Chalet De La Mare

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“Where we’ll leave the light on for ya.”

Our 5 cochin chicks are growing like little weeds & the Black Copper Maran are very displeased with being cooped since they see the ducks coming & going as they please. They seem to grumble in their low growls as they see them either going to the pond of the mornings or coming back to their coop in the evenings with the ducks having to pass in front of & by the chicken’s coop they with their quacking as if to tease & mock the poor cooped chickens.

The ducks are getting to where they put themselves up in the evenings so caring for them now is no chore at all. Their coop is staying clean & dry since removing all food & water cutting the stench out completely & tremendously dropping the fly population. It was terrible & so early in the spring season.

I love the look of the coop lit in early mornings or as dusk falls upon us when the lights are needed.

As the weather changes it will soon be heating up where the fans will be needed in the coop & run at all times unless by then I can join the two flocks only using fans in the main coop.Tho there’s plenty of room for them in the coop & run I feel sorry for them because they’ve free ranged since they were able to hit the ground running. I’ll keep them busy with watermelon rinds & cabbages hung from something strong so they can occupy themselves & of course they’ll continue to get scraps as usual.There seems to be nothing worse than a bored flock when the roosters tend to fight.Which reminds me we’ll have 3 roosters going in the freezer SOON !!! We have too many for the number of hens we have,This will stop the fighting allowing me to join the two flocks.

As a child & young teenager while living in Oklahoma we always had a milk cow,a few calves,hogs,chickens & a huge garden.Our freezer was always stocked with what vegetables & meat daddy raised or hunted,tho he never hunted deer,I don’t know why but he never did.Our milk cow was a crossbreed of Guernsey & Jersey giving the most delicious milk with it being kept in glass jars where it stayed good & cold ( I still use glass jars or pitchers with lids today) with fresh cream that rose to the top that seemed 2″-3″ thick,skimming it off to use for other things as for people’s coffee,tea,recipes or if daddy knew anyone who had ulcers it was given to them.What little cream was left in the milk was stirred through everytime the milk was used but there were many times I’d get what remained to pour over blackberries,strawberries & peaches.The blackberries picked from bushes in the pasture,the strawberries & peaches purchased from the local farmer’s market.During squirrel and rabbit season we enjoyed fresh squirrels & rabbits along with quail & pheasant when permitted. I remember many mornings having fried squirrel or rabbit for breakfast with biscuits & milk gravy or having them with dumplings or either in stews during those cold Oklahoma winters where snow and ice clung to everything breaking tree branches,powerlines & everything else it could cling to.The only time schools were closed is when the roads couldn’t remain free from ice after putting sand or salt on them throughout the night & early mornings but it never kept daddy or other’s home from work. Feeding the animals were part of my chores in the mornings after my brother joined the Natural Guard then later joining the army. Feeding on those cold Oklahoma mornings was a CHORE. Daddy always kept molasses to top the horse feed,during the summer it flowed like one pouring it on a stack of pancakes but during the winter when everything was frozen,breaking water & trying to pour molasses I froze nearly to death trying to get just a dribble to come from the pour spout of the 5 gallon can it was kept in then the German shepherd that was a stray becoming ours would round up the horses & calves getting them right to the gate then turning them around running them back into the pasture where I would have to chase them back to the gate once again going to the barn. Lady over worked me before I started putting her in the house so I could hurry to get things done to either be ready to catch the school bus or if we were out of school due to the weather I could get inside to gain warmth.

I miss those days and I haven’t had squirrel or rabbit in almost 30 years.

GOOD GRIEF that’s too long of a time to go without anything as good as squirrels and rabbits.

Donnie’s going to have to go squirrel hunting this year.

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