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I love the rain as it hits a metal
roof,the sound is so calming even as the boisterous thunder shakes the very ground around me along with the light shows of lightening as fireworks on the 4th of July brightening the darken skies even more beautiful when the lightening trails off in many directions at once making it seem as a road map laid open before you on a road trip.

Lightening frightens me more than anything about a rain storm especially if I must be out in the storms while feeding or caring for the animals with me hurriedly about my business to quickly get to shelter away from anything lightening may be attracted to,shelter to me is being in the house believing it being my safest place tho I’ve heard true stories which raised the hair on my neck about lightening hitting items in the home.I’ve read and been told many true stories about how dangerous lightening is from my grandmother who was a nurse in the intensive care unit where she worked until her retirement that I have a respectful fear for it.Once inside I can care less about what the storm is doing.

I do understand the Bible says
we should not fear anything but there are two no maybe three things I do have a fear of.     

1) lightening as stated

2) spiders

3) traveling across bridges with small children

I understand this sounds absolutely and completely absurd but as a young mother many many many years ago with two children under the age of four,as I was out about in Louisiana doing my daily errands I had two options in the directions I could travel where I needed to be from where I lived and both entailed crossing bridges which with small children seems to be hundreds of miles long.I feared an accident involving us careening from the bridge into the water below with me unable to save my children from drowning.

An accident involving bridges never occurred to me until I started having children.

As crazy as this may sound I thought of purchasing floating devises to have ready just in case,then of course common sense kicked in telling me how silly this was,what would I do have the children adorn the apprentices while riding around just incase of an accident how foolish.The fear gave way to logic but the fearful respect for lightening has never left for there’s something I can do about that.

So I thought until I started

Remembering back when I first started homesteading and raising animals there came a storm, it’s height of intensity with pelting rains,raging winds of what seemed of hurricane proportions and lightening lighting up the darkness. In it’s brightness

From my safe dwelling place I was given a glimpse of a baby goat who had wondered off from it’s mother or was so frightened by the storm raging around it,it foolishly ran from the safety of the barn into the darkness of the storm that was now raging at biblical proportions. I left the safety of my dwelling to save the baby afraid,soakened wet crying for it’s mother and safety.

I saying a prayer trusting in the Lord for mine and the goats safety as I courageously ran out into the field asking for the Lord to withhold the lightening stricks until I’ve reached the barn,house or somewhere I could wait until I caught a glimpse of Noah coming in the Ark for all to climb aboard not having to get out in it again.Knowing my chances of seeing Noah were slim to none I ventured out like a mad woman fighting winds which felt as if it were the storm of the century as the rain was hitting my uncovered flesh like I was being pelted by gulf ball sized hail all the while chasing an already soakened kid bleeting from being more frightened than myself.

As I chased the poor little thing from pillar to post as a lioness chases her prey until it layed down from pure exhaustion or it finally heard it’s momma’s cries calling it to the barn but too frightened and confusion to go any further.Picking the crying baby up placing it close to my chest as I tried protecting it from further abuse from the storm while running to barn.

With us finally in the barn where I could reach for stored supplies such as medicine,different sizes of hemostats, betadine, thread,scissors and old towels used during kidding to dry off the new borns,now for drying this tiny shivering baby awaiting it’s return to it’s joyful momma and her bosom for warmth and comfort.Thinking I could then use the towel to protect myself a bit from the stinging rain as I ran back into the raging storm but not before making sure all were locked down safely not enabling this to happen again.
Not that storm anyways.There have been many times I’ve ran into storms to save an animal form harm,some not belonging to me.My love of animals will never cease for I find pleasure in their company and caring for them.

” Love knows no end,with being no end to what we will do for those we love whether human or animal.”

Be Blessed 😊

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  1. Thank you so much – as do I am enjoying our conversations. It’s important to discern what is good on the internet, but the building of relationships with people on another continent is one of my favourites.

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