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Here I sit at the table with the apron I’m making for my granddaughter Daisy,it’s pinned together laying in front of me while I’m trying to decide which buttons would make the little apron pop,yes buttons it’s so cute 😊 even after taking pictures with each color I’m torn between the yellow,orange or black.One of the fabrics used is yellow,light and dark gray with white,the other material is a cream muslin.It will be a slip over the head type with ties at the sides,where she can wear it on either side but it’s not a traditional reversible apron the front and back are both fronts I guess you could say🤣one side looks like a dress with pleats at the bottom with buttons running down the front,the other side looks like a typical apron with a pocket on the bib where she can carry her little things she treasures and I may put pleats on this side too pictures are included.I apologize for not knowing the terminology used in sewing as I’m just starting to sew with a machine.I’ve usually sewn things by hand (e.g. pillows dolls,the kids costumes)

Aprons are my passion reminding me of love & family

With my love of aprons I have 2-cut out for myself,1-for my daughter in law and 2- I’m making from a worn out pair of overalls with little doilies sewn here and there on them, then another made from a pair of jeans the hubby can no longer wear,this apron too will have doilies here and there.Idea’s are rolling around in my head for a couple of no sew apron’s made from several of the hubby’s shirts he’s given me after cleaning out his closet.I now have many useful items to upcycle but I’m needing to hit a couple of the local flea markets to find seveal men’s denim shirts for making the guys their apron’s.

Time is too valuable

I’ve waisted valuable time I couldn’t afford to lose while trying to decide what color buttons to use.I’ve decided on yellow which was my first choice.

I should of trusted my own instincts.I took pictures sending them to my son Aaron for his opinion which he chose the yellow buttons,thank you bubba I value you,your opinion and  I want you to remember always

“I love you to the mercy seat of God and back,forever always & a day for an eternity my love will be with you.

We Serve An Awesome God

A red bone Hound dog

With time more valuable now more than ever,I have a very limited window of time to get done what I need done and what projects I’m working on since early Tuesday morning when I was awakened by the odor of electrical wires burning.I tracked the smell like a Red Bone Hound on the scent of a prisoner who escaped the chain gang in the swamps of Louisiana,which the scent was coming from the central air conditioning unit. When the repairmen came to check out everything we were told the unit had caught fire burning up the condenser,3 relay switches and all of the wiring with the repairmen being surprised 1) the fire extinguished itself and 2) the house wasn’t burned to the ground with us losing everything.

“God is an Awesome ” is all I can say

It’s much too hot

It heats up quickly not giving me much time to achieve what I could before this happened.

Being ill doesn’t help the situation

Having lupus,fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis I avoid the sun like the plaque as much as I possibly can unless I’m properly protected. Living in South Eastern Mississippi it’s cooler setting in a now darkened bedroom with fans in the opened window and one sitting by the bed pointed towards the ceiling fan as it creates a breeze as it circulates the air rather than sitting outside on the covered porch with not a breeze to be felt and the heat as stifling as if I were in the middle of a desert gasping for air.The heat alone has put me into a flare; along with the flare comes mouth sores,fever and aching as if I have the flu,it’s causing every part of me to hurt.There’s nothing that can be done about the ordeal with the air conditioner except to deal with it until a insurance adjuster comes and photographs are taken of the burnt unit and he/she starts working on the claim.It’s a hurry up and wait situation, now being on everyone else’s timeline and schedule.

As I set in the presence of of the Lord I’m reminded he is the God of abundance and has everything under control

Have a blessed evening 😊🌹🐝

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