Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully
If we would be willing take ” TIME ” which is the MOST valuable gift outside of the salvation of Jesus Christ & the gift of love; for looking into the eyes of those around us we could find the path to the person’s heart.For it’s said the eyes are the windows to the soul,I myself believe they are the windows to the path of one’s heart where the issues of life flow. After being studious in taking notice of people’s eyes one can often tell if someone is unhappy tho there’s a smile on their face,the mask to disguise what someone is most often trying to hide. A prime example of this is how life has beaten them down causing them to lose hope can be seen in their eyes if only taken the time to see,we live in a fast paced world where time is not taken for a necessity as this. We may be the only person who are willing to stand the gap with spiritual warfare of prayer even fasting bringing the seed of hope with our faith to decree & declare God’s word over the person,their situation & circumstances. For faith is the substance of things hoped for tho they are  yet  not seen. Thirty some odd years ago as I was reading the Bible I heard God’s small still voice of the holy spirit telling me to speak the words of the Bible out loud to active them, he continued saying he spoke everything into existence & that it’s speaking into the atmosphere that creates the atmosphere in which he can operate in,as he created the heavens,the earth & everything in them.When we face anything we should find the scriptures that lines up with what is happening in our life & instead of speaking in the flesh to the situation for there is life & death in the power of the tongue,we should desire God’s words & works to be actived for he brings forth life into the life’s of those who are his. When I began reading the word from my Bible promise book which has scripture categorized for e.g. faith,parent’s duty’s, brotherly love etc. or when reading from the bible I walk through the home reading it in every room where it permeates everything within the sound of my voice activating the word of God. In life we are around so much negative that we must speak God’s words of life into & on our life’s. The words we speak are seeds that are planted.I’ll leave you with this thought what seeds are you planting in your garden & What are you sowing into someone else’s  life’s? 

Have a blessed day 

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