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Mother’s Day was a beautiful day from beginning to end and not just with the weather. My day began at about 6 a.m. this is the usual time I hear D’s alarm going off during the week,I couldn’t go back to sleep so I trodded outside to sit a bit with a cup of hot tea enjoying Samson’s morning licks as I petted him,the rooster’s with their calls to announce it’s time to wake. I sat drinking my tea as I thought of D. sleeping in and what I needed to do then went about feeding the two groups of chickens. Cochin and Black Copper Maran.I once kept them together in the coop and run but with two broody cochin hens I separated them when I found the rooster’s fighting,tho the little cochin rooster was holding his own in the yard I was afraid the three larger rooster’s would bully and harm him while now in confinedment. I moved the cochins in the coop,the others went into the covered enclosed run.I am proud to say the cochin hens surprised me with how they joined in helping each other sit and care for the chicks. All four hens decided to make their first year’s broodiness a communal hatch as two sat on one clutch and the other two on another.When one chick hatched one continued to sit as the other cared for the chick;both pairs doing this with the five new arrivals.Our flock has now grown to twelve. I then let the ducks out of the coop taking them and their feed to the pond where they now spend all of their time.I busily went about putting the wading pool the ducklings used before being introduced to the pond to good use.After drilling holes for drainage adding some rocks,pine straw and sticks to the bottom I then filled it with potting soil and planted the ever bearing strawberry plants D brought home Saturday when going to town,having four too many for the pool plot I added them to potager’s garden. By the time I finished that project with cleaning up the area and my hands D. had gotten up and started to cook us breakfast which I suggested I would wait if he wasn’t hungry till later in the day,the bacon had been cooked so it was wrapped and set aside until we later ate egg,bacon,cheese and sliced tomatoes on toast.In the meantime D. and pulled mint in the potager’s garden that was over taking the strawberries,replanted the mint in the window boxes on the porch railing and planted one window box with petunia’s, another petunia pot was put as if it’s growing out of the broken chimney along the back fence. Everything is shaping up and the ground is slowly drying after all the rain. D. later Sunday evening said he had wanted me to rest for mother’s day I telling him I loved it exactly as it was with planting and working in my potager’s garden with him by my side talking,laughing and spending time together that nothing could have been better unless the children and grandchildren were here. My mother’s day was perfect as I pray yours was.

Have a blessed day 🌹🐝

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