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Teresa The Me I Am

Hello I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Teresa pronounced Tur ressa I was named after the wife of a Comrade of my daddy’s when he served in Korea. Before returning state side they knew they would probably never see each other again. Daddy’s comrade asked him if he ever had a daughter would he name her after his wife Teresa so daddy would always remember him,I can’t remember the promise daddy asked of him,I can’t ask daddy for he’s no longer with us.Daddy kept his promise.

I was born in sewickley Pennsylvania a residential suburb of Pittsburgh. My daddy was a Tankerman loading and discharging products from ships and barges. We moved frequently living in Pennsylvania, Oklahoma,Arkansas, Missouri,Kentucky and Louisiana,because of the frequent moving it was hard to make friends or I reluctantly made friends afraid we would be moving soon and why get your heart broken plus I was shy maybe from always being the new kid in schools. Academically I did well making A’s to nothing below a B- my brother and I would be in trouble because daddy believed we were smarter than anything less than A’s and B’s. Daddy was a hard man but could be tender also. I love my daddy,yes I was a daddy’s girl but got away with nothing. I had my share of getting spanked,sent to the corner,grounded,things I liked taken or forbidden until his set date and time. In today’s time daddy would of been considered an abuser which most parents would of back then.I spanked my children.The word of God says, ” spare not the rod and spoil the child” I thank daddy for correcting me for he loved me,even God himself says, “He corrects us because He loves us.” Today I see a woman who has made it through many trials,tests and storms that some of my storms would have killed someone else. I am a strong willed, determined,intelligent,sophisticated,down to earth,forgiving,sociable,God fearing,hardworking,loving,capable,dependable,honest to a fault woman who loves her children unconditionally to the last mansion God built in the furthest culdesac of his gated community called Heaven. I fear no one but God for one can take my life but not my soul but He Father God can take my life and cast my soul into hell. I’m not perfect nor am I trying to be. For years I was what other’s wanted or expected me to be today and the remainder of my long fruitful life I will be the Teresa God has intended me to be. I am me,no longer the people pleaser but the Father God seeker.

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