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Happy Mother’s Day

May this day be filled with all the blessings that comes with celebrating you for all you’ve given to and for your children.You’ve given your body for them to grow,your heart as they laid beneath it,loving them from the womb.

After the birth you’ve given up or are giving up alot of yourself and your needs to and desires to help create in them what they will one day be;giving your all to meet all of their needs.As the years pass and the children are grown you have now become the friends you always dreamed and wanted to be but couldn’t because you needed to be the disciplinarian. Grown children with families of their own,they too still need a Mother’s love and will always need your love;maybe not in the same way but the need for your love will always remain. Be happy where you are either just starting your family or having the nest empty. Celebrate yourself today YOU’RE WORTH IT. 🌹🐝

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