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Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Some Other Day

The Rain moved in Wednesday morning and has rained everyday since with today being Saturday. It stopped yesterday afternoon but is to be back sometime today,it’s misting rain as I write.Tho my potager’s garden is absolutely loving the rain because it’s on higher ground where it won’t retain water like the other gardens and made from pallets which are now starting to rot.Since laying them down and filling the pallets with topsiol which had landscaping fabric stapled to the underside of them the pallets then being filled with bag after bag of topsoil packing each bag in until the packed soil was to the tops of each slat,we planted nothing but vegetables the first couple of years then I have scattered wildflowers among the herbs planting a few vegetables here and there. I believe it’s been four years ago WOW how time flies,the rotting wood is now putting nutrients back into the soil. With most of the plants established except what vegetables I put in each year no more soil has needed to be added.The strawberries are putting out their beautiful delicacies to have for dessert and for freezing for further use,the mint is being used to flavor our sweet tea or give to the chickens during the hot weather with it helping to cool them down naturally keeping them from overheating and dying plus I place it in the coops to deter rodents and too freshen the coops along with ag lime and sand;the ag lime too freshens the coops and it’s safe for chickens,ducks,geese and probably every animal,I just have used ag lime with those mentioned.The sand is their grit to aid in digestion plus they can dust in the mixture of the two; with planting an abundance of cucumber plants I’ll hopefully have the chickens a natural wormer too to worm them at times throughout the summer,giving them pumpkin in the fall to worm them for the winter months ahead. I worm them twice a year.The other gardens are now having water standing in between the rows,Donnie has graded the ends of each to aid in the runoff and has had to open the runoff area where water from the pond’s spillway drains into it.He’s digging it a bit deeper and diverting it from the corn and watermelon gardens because they were getting flooded too. Work is never done here or any other homestead,thank goodness he enjoys working especially when it come to equipment which he does for a living.Donnie and I are the type of people that have to keep busy, which is good when trying to establish fruit trees,gardens,flower beds,the pergola which he purchased but hasn’t been able to put it up due to all the rain,along with everything else including the coops and pens. He built the chicken coop with an enclosed run with a hinged door between the coop and run with a pulley on the outside of the coop for us to open it from the outside for allowing them to be in the closed in coop or the run or open to give them access to both,a screened in window that opens and shuts in the coop with a Dutch door with the top half having a screened door then another door on the other side to enter the run. The coop also has electricity with a switch on the outside of the coop to light the coop and run in case needed and outlets for fans or if a heater is needed. He calls it a coop I call it Hotel 6 where we’ll leave the light on for you.

The ducks are enjoying playing in the rain every day of course,yesterday once it cleared a bit I let them out of the fenced yard where I kept them closer to their coop incase it turned worse with tornado warnings or we received hail but once it cleared I opened the gates so they could enjoy their time at the pond. It was as if I like Donnie opened the spillway,the ducks poured themselves from the back yard to the pond like a rushing of water breaking through the dam.

I love watching the ducks playing and listening to their endless chattering as they play like a group of school children let out for recess. Some seem to play tag while others,the mischievous ones love to dive under the water coming up near unsuspecting playmates scaring them causing them to panic then when realizing what’s going on they soon settle down. There’s always laughs or chuckles at our homestead from anything from the chicks just hatched a month ago playing and learning their surroundings and to scratch for food with their little chrips,to the adult chickens talking to me as I go by their coop and run especially with scraps,ducks with their antics and the dogs how they can act as silly as can be,so loving but yet very protective.Please don’t tell them they’re dogs because they believe they’re human and get butt hurt if you say any different. Sometimes even the squirrels have come to play on the chairs at the fire pit as if it’s their private jungle gym running,jumping and chasing each other from the chairs to the picnic table and back again over and over till they tire or momma calls them home, I can hear another squirrel calling and their little heads perk up and they soon after scurry away.

The endless beauty of butterflies,dragonflies and dragonmaidens that gracefully float on air flittering from place to place,flower to flower showing their presence,their awesome colors and beauty. Some have names,the yellow butterflies are called Cheryl’s after my daughter,she being my beautiful butterfly,the black and blue butterflies are called Mark after a dear friend and sister’s husband who passed away several years ago she now married to my cousin which is so AWESOME,the dragonflies who are called Tina’s after a mother figure,mentor and dear friend who also passed several years ago,to the squirrels who are called grandpa’s no matter what their sex for the memory of my daddy,who I started calling grandpa once my children were born. I have planted or I put wild bird seeds out so to attract the wildlife around me giving them a safe place to come,as long as Samson our Great Pyrenees doesn’t see the squirrels or rabbits because he loves chasing them.I don’t believe he harms them because I’ve never witnessed him doing so,he just loves the chase.It tires him to where he wants in the house where the air condition is running and he can snooze under the dinning room table on the cool floor.


The rose hedges have been blooming tho losing their delicate petals during all this rain which they fall off easily with the slightest touch of the bush or flower anyways leaving the rose hips which are plumping up and will be turning the reddish orange when ripe,being picked for gathering seeds or for making syrup or jelly.I’ve not made anything with them as I only for now,gather them for seed. The wild plum have started bearing fruit also putting off more than last year,this only being it’s second year to bear. The plants I’ve recently planted around the fire pit and different parts of the back yard are seeming to love the rain,they didn’t go into the wilting process when planted because I couldn’t sleep one night and spent my time planting and working on other projects at midnight. As I said in earlier posts there is always one or two different projects going on at one time around our homestead either inside or out,there’s always something to do if you’re wanting to do something with no need for looking very far.With crafts,decorating,making jelly,cooking and pickling these are often keeping me busy indoors as the chickens,ducks,potager’s garden,flowers,flower beds and the back yard keep me busy outside. We love our life on the homestead.Our fifteen acre Garden Of Eden. Where we can ride our gas powered buggy in the woods along the trails Donnie has made with a dozer,where over the creek he has built bridges in different areas to pass over to ride or walk around in the other direction where it leads to the field where the corn and watermelon are planted or leading to the house. We plan on planting Azalea’s along one part of the trail and Dog wood’s on the other with signs on each trail which says,” Azalea trail” and “Dog wood trail” with ferns taken from other places in the woods and placing them along the trails with other flowering perennials that will love that kind of environment. These trails can also be walked,when weather permits.We walk taking the fur babies with us for some good exercise.Of course Samson gets free run of the place and enjoys the woods day and night but the little one’s love getting down there where they can have the freedom to sniff and pee on every blade of grass or sniff as if on a scent of something. We also fish at the three acre pond just feet away from our front door.It’s fully stocked with white perch,bass,catfish and bream.There’s a pier to fish from but is in much need of TLC which it will be getting this year.

Life isn’t always perfect here nor will it ever be anywhere but Life is to be enjoyed by doing what one enjoys.As you can tell we enjoy our homestead and everything it offers.We one day hope other’s will enjoy ” La Chalet De La Mare” as we plan to build a few cabins ( a retreat for couples only ) on the levy looking out over the pond with each having a deck to sit and enjoy morning coffee,a hot cup of tea,iced tea in the afternoon or evening.Where one can enjoy walking the trails,fishing,riding the buggies and grilling at one’s cabin,cooking in the kitchenette or riding six miles to town to enjoy what the town of Brookhaven or the neighboring town Mccomb Mississippi has to offer. Yes there are always plans in the making here. I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit with me as I so enjoyed sharing what’s happening here at our little homestead.


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